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It was out again today (as a four car set this time) travelling to Alamein, Lilydale, Belgrave, Batman and Glen Waverley.

Posted 29 Jul 2021 22:32 in Victoria by Gauntlet

Since the lockdown is over I decided to have a look at Waurn Ponds and take some photos.

[url=][img] ...

[quote=ngarner]John Philips video of Mooroolbark's changes.

Only two spans are missing from completing the elevated down line. The platforms have gone completely with the original up building removed ...

Posted 01 Mar 2021 21:22 in Victoria by Gauntlet

Here are a few photos of the turntable at Bacchus Marsh.

[url=][img][/img][url=]Bac ...

It's a much larger precinct than I thought - it runs to Mair Street from the level crossing to that high bridge at Peel Street.

[url=] ...

Posted 07 Jan 2021 20:20 in Victoria by Gauntlet

Recently trainbrain posted about a giant photo of Lilydale from around 1920 which is at Lilydale Market.

The post was in the level crossings thread, but I think it's more appropriate to respond to it ...

Since the Evans Road bridge opened last month I decided to go to Merinda Park and check it out.

I was surprised by the how much work has been done building the new platform there.

There are plenty o ...

There was another thread about this in 2014 located here - [url=] has Blackburn and a few regional stations.

Yes it's General Motors (and Hallam).

Here's another edited signal diagram from

The diagram is from the era when it was serviced by Harris sparks.

[url=][img]https://live.staticfl ...

ARTC want to build a higher bridge over the 1960's XPT track to accommodate double stacked freight, but it seem that a second track next to the original platform would be better.

Here are two links.


I thought they'd remove the crossing at Melton with the hybrid method - mostly by raising the rails, but also by lowering the road.

Yes, it's Noble Park.

The second diagram includes Yarraman and Sandown Park.

Have you got a diagram for us Faredodger?

[quote=david harvey][color=#000000][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, Segoe UI, Segoe, Segoe WP, Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][size=2]This location is no longer open, but it still sees trains.

[/si ...

Recently I found out that there were some signs with heritage information on them installed a few months ago so I went to check them out today.

I like how they were made out of old railway sleepers,  ...

I've been thinking - what if it's not a closed railway station?

So I'll try that former railway triangle between North Fitzroy, Merri and Rushall.

Geelong Racecourse?

The view of the bay from the platform is excellent.

It's a shame the rails will be lowered at Edithvale and Bonbeach - or can that be changed?

[url=][img]https://live.stat ...

Here's an article from the Nhill Free Press about the Overland that BigShunter sent to me.

[url=][img][/img][u ...

Posted 26 Jan 2020 22:59 in Victoria by Gauntlet

[quote=bevans]Passed the new stabling sidings which are empty today on the train with [url=/user/16313][b]@Michelle12[/b] and found a very interesting thing.

The sidings in the stabling yard are wi ...

Posted 13 Jan 2020 19:00 in Victoria by Gauntlet

Here are some photos I took at Wendouree and Ballarat today.

I was surprised that there's only one track at the Gillies Street level crossing and shocked by the location of poles for new signals clos ...

Stage 1a of the rail trail from Lilydale to Healesville finally opened recently (27 Dec 2019) so I rode along there today and was surprised that the wall of the platform at Yerring (the current end of ...

Posted 24 Dec 2019 17:12 in Victoria by Gauntlet

The track sounds like it is in good condition and could be maintained in service for a backup.  Are there any stations on that section either closed or open?
The pl ...

I thought I'd try taking a panoramic photo of Tottenham Yard from the West Footscray station overpass while zooming in hard, but it turned out that I got better results by taking individual photos and ...

These are the "[color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, ]Railways of Doom" videos that ngarner was referring to.[/font][/size][/color]

[url=]https:/ ...

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