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I'm surprised the window covering on trams and buses isn't illegal under VicRoads rules anyway. Wrap a car like that and it would be defected in an instant.

Posted 09 Sep 2021 17:25 in Victoria by Heihachi_73

Most of the money towards rail was spent in Melbourne e.g. Level Crossing Removal Project, Metro Tunnel, Suburban Rail Loop, new trains, duplication of the Cranbourne line (and partially the Hurstbrid ...

Posted 07 Sep 2021 20:14 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

No "control", Morrison and Hunt are serious damage.

Or they'll plant gum trees (because Straya) absolutely everywhere like Ringwood so the footpaths become slippery from eucalyptus oil, the roots dig underneath the footpaths making 1-inch steps for peo ...

Posted 03 Sep 2021 11:34 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

Where are Melbourne's rings of steel to protect the areas with next to no cases? Time to restrict people to LGAs or postcodes.

[quote=Mr. Lane]Do we definitely know the new trams will be shorter than the E class at only 22 meters as some people have said in this and other threads?

It seems a real backwards step to me espec ...

Posted 02 Sep 2021 14:48 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

Off-topic, but I do find it funny that JobSeeker recipients, who are living on about $5 a day after rent and bills, are expected to somehow conjure up $1000 for a smartphone just for the likes of Sari ...

Posted 02 Sep 2021 13:12 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

There goes Melbourne, 120 + 176 in two days. 500 a day by next week methinks, warmer weather be damned. Great timing to open up and increase the movement radius, all while leaving the absolutely pathe ...

Good idea.  The depot runs will give some passengers a lift of 4 more stops.
Also a good idea sharing the 12 with Kew, if the occasional Citadis makes its way there. It's been ho ...

Can't be worse than running empty from Box Hill to Kew or Vermont South to Camberwell.

Are we short of servicing and storage areas?
Storage, yes. If every tram was the size of a W class (or a Z3) we'd be fine, but times have changed; our tram depots haven't. Camberw ...

It's been a good innings, the oldest Comengs have proved their worth for 40 years. 320M was a true survivor, having shook off an unprovoked attack by Hitachi 90M in 1989. By comparison, we were alread ...

Posted 21 Aug 2021 16:07 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

That's it, time to clear Gargasoulas of all charges and give him his Commodore back.

Plus, the old ones are heavier, and still using tread brakes. Now that is old!!!
Actually, the tread brake and disc brake Comengs were built simultaneously for the most part.  ...

Monash students should be lucky the SRL even goes there! Box Hill would also like a word regarding close-proximity train, bus and tram connections. Smile

Posted 16 Aug 2021 14:14 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

Obviously closing down Warburton after dark is the best strategy to wipe out COVID-19. If people had really had enough, JFK would suddenly have a lot of Aussie mates.

Probably explains why things like the 285, 673 and 745 exist.

Posted 15 Aug 2021 13:04 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

Time to change the 5km rule to 2km yet?

Posted 14 Aug 2021 11:44 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

Jobs that are stuck in the early 20th century with no future. I'm sure the highly-qualified miners and construction workers in the middle of nowhere can do something else equally useful there with the ...

Posted 14 Aug 2021 10:02 in Victoria by Heihachi_73

Is it just a coincidence that the DRC bogies looked suspiciously similar to the Hitachi suburban bogies?

The bus routes that existed before SmartBus were absolutely rubbish. The 665 Ringwood-Knox-Dandenong (Invicta) used to finish at about 6PM, the 700 Box Hill-Mordialloc (Ventura) was just as bad, the 8 ...

Posted 05 Aug 2021 17:49 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

No wonder ????s were on special at Woolies, they must have known...

Posted 05 Aug 2021 17:35 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

The only medal they forgot to bring home was the Gold Standard one to share it with the rest of Australia who missed out. Meanwhile, back in Melbourne after a premature donut celebration right in the  ...

Posted 04 Aug 2021 15:16 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

[quote=michaelgm][quote]233 cases of local community transmission today in NSW. 47 infectious whilst in the community, a man in his 20's has passed away from the disease, this is being referred to the ...

Posted 03 Aug 2021 18:22 in The Lounge by Heihachi_73

So, apparently a few Australian Olympians decided to get pissed and trash the hotel in which they were staying. I am well and truly embarrassed to be even associated with this country.

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