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Posted 26 Apr 2020 23:41 in Western Australia by Hendo

Thank you Toad, Peter et al for keeping this thread alive. I wonder whether we will see any model manufacturer recreate the indigenous artwork FMG wagons.




The first time I have been able to log in for a few weeks. Good to find out what the issues are, perhaps these should be described in the outage message rather than the standard "high serve ...

Posted 09 Dec 2017 16:44 in Victoria by Hendo

[quote]Totally agree Hendo. I recently had one of my Railpage posts also turned into "news" which I was not very impressed at all about. I do post from time to time REAL news sourced from transpor ...

Posted 09 Dec 2017 01:52 in Victoria by Hendo

[quote=Trainplanner]Totally agree Hendo. I recently had one of my Railpage posts also turned into "news" which I was not very impressed at all about. I do post from time to time REAL news sourced ...

Posted 06 Dec 2017 01:05 in Victoria by Hendo

I see in the Victorian Rail "News" section we appear to be back to the problem of gunzel's views: [url=]"Is the Mildura ...

This has happened to me three or four times in the last ten years, for periods from 1 to 2-3 hours.

I remember one incident in about 2006, when one of the peak hour trains to Robina stopped about 2 ...

Well, according to the [url=]Letters to the Editor page, it was BEVANS who posted each article. Noting that one of them is "signed" by Scott Ramsay of the Rai ...

Further to Gman_86's post, where is the attribution/referencing for the so called "letter to the editor" about this spending? Or was it written up by a Railpage gunzel and posted straight to the page? ...

Posted 17 Mar 2017 15:35 in Queensland by Hendo

But it still doesn't get past Graham's original question, why is an article about SEQld railsets in the WA News sub-forum?



Or buy/make a roller from suitable gears like this: [url=] ...

Posted 05 Jan 2017 22:25 in News by Hendo

I sent a message to the mods about this on the day it appeared advising them that it related to Canada. Mods must be asleep.

Posted 15 Dec 2016 16:51 in New South Wales by Hendo

Pretty sure this is a rouge edit.

Unless anyone has any info in the next 24 hours, i might revert the edits.

Whatever you do, don't do it in rouge! Laughing
It mig ...

[quote=petan]The other part of the problem would be fitting in the extra Gold Coast traffic for the 2018 Commonwealth Games with the all stations Beenleigh line traffic as well as some shorter distanc ...


Thank you for your observations. I am using OO as the primary scale as most of the loco's and much of the rolling stock used by the Royal Engineers Railway Operating Division was requisitioned ...


Thank you. The Cobalts seem to be cheaper and more compact than the Tortoise or Circuitron's DCC version the SMAIL.

I would visit, however I am in Brisbane!



G'day all,

I am building a 12 metre around the garage WW1 themed OO Gauge wall layout representing Standard, Metre and 60cm gauge railways, using 16.5mm, 12mm and 9mm track respectively. I have bee ...

[quote=M636C]Not just EDI...

UGL have "sold" their last six units to PN as part of a long term maintenance agreement.

Australia has just lost its locomotive building industry and nobody noticed. ...

Reading the original ABC News article NR8 must be the world's longest locomotive:

"Fire and Rescue NSW says engine failure led to a fire on a freight train that has blocked the rail line near Newc ...

Posted 17 Jun 2016 11:06 in Other Transport by Hendo


You will find that the map is a series of paper printed maps, joined and pasted onto a linen backing for durability. The same was done with WW1 maps.

Having the route map as a single cont ...

Don't forget the minute metal, plastic, wood and plaster fragment flying around that he breathed in.

Posted 25 Apr 2016 16:01 in South Australia by Hendo

Highly classified area with extreme security to look after all the cash that has passed through that area over the years!
Guard Class 2
"all the cash"! What cash? It would make less than ...

Because the alignment would be far easier to build and cheaper, both for construction and operations than coming down the Toowoomba Range. Divert the bulk coal and grain traffic to Gladstone, then jus ...


Why not just go down the Stereolithography path instead?



Warren is from the Gympie area, so not quite a full bushie. But he and many others in his party are beholden to the trucking industry, from memory one of the chiefs of staff for the Nats in the recent ...

[quote=NSWGR8022]Go for it but is this the best starting route?

Canberra to Sydney?

Brisbane to NSW?

[url=/news/s/japanese-fast-rail-expert-talks-up-sydney-to-newcastle-link]Japanese fast rai ...

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