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well there goes the thread.

Bit of a difference i think boy, a soldier goes to war knowing full well that he may not return home, a loco driver does not, simple. Yes times have changed and even as yo ...

looks like a CS to me

Posted 24 Dec 2011 17:02 in Victoria by JTCs2

it would fail to safe and operate once the circuit was broken, same as when theres apower failure

Posted 21 Dec 2011 06:57 in New South Wales by JTCs2

but could that be put down to them trying to get clear on seeing the train?

ballast used to be loaded out of Bung Bong siding, they are right about the person in a car, if a train is to follow a they met the train at the end to return the staff. Didnt happen often but it did  ...

people still drive anyway=no improvment

no because then twunts like that would drive up our insurance costs even further (and its not like they dont already) start making people personaly liable, stop this hiding behind insurance crap

because as he said, the sound is usualy louder from behind, stationary i think they seem louder, and also stationary you dont have other factors such as wind and terrain to interfere.

Having said th ...

problem is stuart, they will test the horn of a stationary loco not one moving at 70-80kmh

dont know of this one has popped up here or not yet

hmmm, not quite sure what ...

Posted 18 Nov 2011 19:24 in South Australia by JTCs2

had a breif look as we rolled past today, the last carriage is completely gutted, infact it almost looks like the other two just with blistered paint and a coat of soot, maybe nowthe council might get ...

but its a lot quicker to drop a trailer for a dog runner to deliver, than wait hours for the right box to come off the train


Exactly right on that last point. Now time critical stuff like perishables, mail and the like are fair to be on trucks but where i (as an ex truckie) ask the question is why customers moving non t ...

agreed, but i reckon it will snow in alice springs before things change.


I see that point, but i mainly refer to actual emissions from the respective vehicles, sure 8000hp pulling 5000t might be more efficient than 600 pulling 68, but not if its made up of say 4 GMs  ...

Posted 11 Nov 2011 12:33 in Sightings by JTCs2

yesterdays snowtown grainy was CLP16/FQ02, and 4AD1 wendsday night was FQ04/ALF18/VL357/GM46/844/2216, the last 3 bound for Pt Augusta.

i would like to see how road and rail compare regarding emissions when you consider the fact most truck operators run fleets less than 10 years old, with more new gear hitting the road all the time,wi ...

love how the australian reported the tanker to have rolled over, looked rather upright to me, if its true the woman was at fault then this serves to show what can happen to people who dont know how to ...

umm no david, you weretalking about the use of emergency bfakkng, then said you were reffering to the pax handles, so either you are doing a backflip worthy of a front bencher or you are talking smeg. ...

Posted 29 Oct 2011 11:03 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by JTCs2

you just had this answered in another thread? Was that answer unsuitable?

it is the train staff and ticket system, just there is no ticket, for ordinary working they used to just have the staff, if a train had to follow another, someone would be sent by car tocollect the st ...

Posted 28 Oct 2011 18:23 in Sightings by JTCs2

seems like another one slipped under the radar, the pt pirie grainy wednsday was triple green gms

craigw, no i dont need to read more, i take what i see at face value, this twit running down people he thinks are inferior.

Sol, no i dont, it was not meant as an indication of anything, it was just  ...


I occasionally run my stock on a friends layout, he is a recent sergent convert, i dont find it a pain at all but the main reason i use it as an example is because of how you were going on abou ...

haha i agree with both points mate, but on the spelling, any mistakes get overlooked because of the teeny weeny writing and the fact i cant look back to the start of the post without sending it Smile st ...

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