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Hi All,

I would like to find some Auscision stainless steel sleeper cars as used on Brisbane Limited.

Ideal Auscision NPS18 Brisbane Limited 4 car add on set.

Next best Auscision NPS17 Southern ...

If you have had enough of this topic John Bushell  then don't look at this thread .
The hobby can bring people together but self centred morons will tear people apart .

I'm o ...

It might be nice for Geoff hope to make a statement if you wont a refund you will get it for both projects .

instead of silence .


Let them post on the Facebook site then Bear ...


Thanks for the way you have provided the punters on Railpage with information that should placate the concerns of those who expressed concern.  Well handled.

One thing that I wonder abo ...

What is the relevance of payed in this context?


[color=#222222][size=2][font=arial, sans-serif-light, sans-serif]seal (the deck or seams of a wooden ship) with pitch or tar to prevent lea ...

[quote=Roachie]As I've said elsewhere, I really do hope that Geoff recovers from this episode......I would say it is a valuable lesson to anybody who harbours any ambitions of being an importer/manufa ...

Wouldn't it be easier to model the VR which has only a few carriage types and a logical numbering system??



Are you about to move from Concorde NSW Iain?  I think you are a r ...

It's worth noting that Ron was down in Geelong at the exhibition last week.  He might not have had a chance to get to his emails during that trip.
Did he talk to anyone?  Often w ...

A quote from AMRM February 2016 AMRM News:

"Eureka's management were optimistic that all 'lost' tooling would be recovered and moved to Eureka's current factory just after we went to print, allowing ...

Sorry Ted, but what are the dates for this years show?





Copied from Ted's invitation:

Sat 4th June 2016 (9am - 5pm)

Sun 5th June 2016 (9am - 4 ...

Happy New Year Adam & Jade.

I loved your running day and BBQ on 19th December.  Fortunately no video cameraman around.

I know 2016 will be a good one for you.  All the very best wishes.


Don't quite follow Shelton.  Are you saying that you are trying to run a DC loco on a layout where you also run DCC locos?  Presumably you have a switch to change the layout from DC to DCC and you rem ...

[quote=comtrain][quote][quote]Has anyone got photo's and/or video of their X classes.[/quote]Brett, in case you don't know Rod's blog:

Rail Pages ...

Has anyone got photo's and/or video of their X classes.
Brett, in case you don't know Rod's blog:

Hi Thomas,

I am not having a go at you because you are merely following examples of misuse of language very common today.  The period in which all Chinese factories take holidays is not the Chinese ...

So any benefits for personal shoppers?
Yep, they saw the shop and experienced the atmosphere of excitement.  They took away the memory of being there at the outset and will have s ...


I am an old fart like Bill Roach.  I am glad you liked his encouragement because I agree with him 100%. Good luck with your project and I hope that you have a long and successful engagement  ...

[quote=sinn city]Just wondering if anyone knows of a DCC decoder installer in the Brisbane area? I have several H0 locos I would like to get chipped. I am looking at sending a couple to DCC Solution ...

[quote=comtrain]After noting that "Victorian" L257 was sold out, and that my model had failed to arrive, I contacted Southern Rail to find out why not. Well the "why not" was easy to work out. Souther ...


Rather than Kadee No 5s, I suggest you look at some of the scale head options.  I use mostly 158s these days, but there are a few options to chose from.  They will couple quite satisfactoril ...

[quote=nscaler69]Has anything changed about PLI since this was discussed a couple of years ago: "Model Train Shows and Public Liability for Exhibitors"[/qu ...

Sound or not...that is the question Smile
Not in doubt Grem.  If I fit a decoder it will be sound.  If I can't afford sound I go without, or leave pending.

Just my view.  I know  ...

My two 43 class arrived today, they look to be very nice indeed, and at $250 each a dead set bargain.
4304 arrived for me on Remembrance Day.  Very nice, but one is enough.  If I bo ...

Team Auscision seems to have the wobbles just now.  The price rise on the 43 from the advertised price to 40 bucks dearer appears to have put the cat amongst the pigeons. One of the disciples even dou ...

Come on people, I know there are varied opinions here but lets try to keep down the negative discussion otherwise we may see the thread locked.
Can't see a problem here RF. To ...
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