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Does anyone have a list of numbers of G/X/T class that operated in NSW at the time of Freight Victoria / Freight Australia on their Grain, Log and Fuel trains?

And thank you Bevan for another great ...

[quote=8077]SDS Models NR Class was on display

[img] ...


[url= ...

Posted 14 Oct 2019 19:48 in News by Just The Tip

This isn't news.

Amazing! Thanks Bevan.

Also, does anyone know why the roof panels were opened on the 47? Was it for cooling?

Brilliant bit of footage!

Rest assured, 1437 now looks like the rest of the locos in this scene. Maybe worse?

Posted 10 Sep 2019 10:45 in New South Wales by Just The Tip

I would be more concerned about peoples homes and livelihoods than some old, disused piece of rusty railway track.

Yeh, but I ordered the very complex model last month and I've waited way too long already! Those greedy model producers just want to hold onto my money! I want it now!!!!!!

And why can't they modify  ...

Site open. Traverser broken.
Loco or wagon in the pit yet? There is a sweep going...


I wish I took more notice around this time.

Thanks for the footage Bevan, it was a brilliant watch.

Should we bring back Paddle Steamers aswell?

Hey, run them on coal and deliver it to Bourke by train!!!!

[quote=simstrain]I'm not one for re opening old lines like casino to murwillumbah and most on here know that but the line to bourke is flat and straight and strategically placed on the darling, Second ...

Posted 19 Aug 2019 16:03 in New South Wales by Just The Tip

I assume by the comments on almost every thread that some of you must hold, or have held senior and very widely regarded positions in the relevant planning departments?

By the sounds of things, s ...

It sure seems like an interesting time where operators ran any loco/wagon they could get their hands on.

Does anyone have a 'fleet list' of sorts - i.e. who had what / who ran what?

Or even just a ...

[quote=Dangersdan707][quote]Thank god that CLP10 and its sisters have been saved from that boat ride to Mozambique which was going to happen any day!

Gunzels rejoice! Get the SSR standard white sla ...

I have been watching more than a few of Bevan Wall's videos from the late 90s - early 2000's with the start of freight privatisation in NSW. It started with one video then spiralled out of control wit ...

It was probably commercially sensitive information before Bernie 'King of the Gunzels' Baker got hold of it...

Once again on Railpage Australia™, we see the people who like trains try to argue with the people who operate trains.

And, once again, the people who operate end up banging their heads against the brick wall ...

I would hate to be the person sorting through all those poorly written resumes.

Or taking the phone calls.

Or dealing with the 'mega gunzels' that just turn up at the door and shout.

Ugh, another clickbait article and another person who can't look two posts down to find an answer.

[quote=Bevan Wall]Did a bit of hiking today to get away from the crowds.



[url=][/quote]Well the rumours are true - you can walk on ...

[quote=ed31880][quote][quote][quote]More work was required than initially thought. Loco needs New turbo IRRC and a few other bits.[/quote]

No derrrrrrrr.

The right people knew this all along. Othe ...

Is 872 (rear trailing loco) missing an exhaust stack or has it been modified in some way?


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