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Posted 20 Dec 2011 22:13 in Western Australia by Mike_in_the_west

Maybe 2819 on new alumina wagons?

How about a city loop via Burswood, South Perth, West Perth & North Perth, with Thornlie, Armadale, Ellenbrook, Midland & Fremantle line trains running either direction around it!  Twisted Evil
Seri ...

Nice shots 645E! Thanks for sharing!

I take it Centennial Coal has Indian connections?

Any case, say goodbye to those awesome lash up's that SSR have been running Sad

Cat amongst the pigeons time...

Don't forget that PacNat have a contract starting here in WA with Cazaley Resources, due to start next year.

Could a handful of the 92 class head west?

Any particular model loco?

Leslie S5T:

Early G class, some N class, C, A, S317

Nathan P5nc

X, XR, late G, some N Class

Nathan P3nc


Bring back the Mac!!

Glad you enjoyed the Mandurah line!   I've got a handful of construction shots from 2006.  Always interesting to compare these with daily running photos.

The GC line will g ...

This is a hot topic over in the US (excuse the pun)

GE are about 6 months away from launching a Tier 4 loco prototype which will be experimented with before Jan 1 2015.    The GEVO engine will need ...

Posted 26 Nov 2011 14:24 in Western Australia by Mike_in_the_west

While not of Western Australia trains, I've been busy clicking away over in the USA.

For those interested...

Gents, I've been traveling from Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC and down the east coast to Miami (Florida).    I've been ever so slowly updating my Flickr and YouTube accounts.

For those interested in re ...

Gents, Utah Railway's MK5000C's got repowered with ex-UP/MoPac SD50 645F3 blocks about 2003.    3500hp rating now.  Some have been derated down to 3000hp, making them SD40-2 type locos.    They also w ...

From what I have heard, ARG are still around on paper.   All locomotives and 'public image' items are branded as QRNational and the locos are used as pool power for either ARG or QRNational.   This wa ...

Any specific parts of the unit you're after?

I've got detail shots and roster shots of the AC's over here in WA.  

I also have roster shots of the 92 class...but there isn't any difference to th ...

I'm using 3 types of point motors to move my code 100/code 83 pec points...

The under road bed coil motors which I run off a DPDT switch.   These have been VERY reliable.  however, the PL13 accesso ...

Posted 03 May 2011 14:27 in Western Australia by Mike_in_the_west

3300hp?  I wish it was the 16-645F block on the SG units.  MPI use them in the MPExpress locomotives.


Good luck with the QSK engine.   PHL hated it.

Posted 26 Apr 2011 00:17 in Western Australia by Mike_in_the_west

Ultimatley, how hard would it be to have a loco that is very easily exchanged between NG & SG, depending on demand?

It's hard keeping up with the multiple genset designations! LOL!

Posted 25 Apr 2011 15:02 in Western Australia by Mike_in_the_west

Interesting...I have heard from multiple independant sources that these units will be 3GS21C's.

I purchased a Santa Fe SDFP45 (Athearn Genesis) last month.   The model is by far a real step up from anything I've seen for the price ($179).

The packaging had the loco secured very well in the b ...

Sorry to dig up an old post...  

I've got FEC 101 & 103 on order for August 2011 delivery. SD70M-2's, not ACe.

They will fit in "nicely" to my 1990's Californian layout!!

I'm getting them th ...

Posted 12 Apr 2011 00:49 in Western Australia by Mike_in_the_west

Maybe they are getting a bit excited and count the coal mine in Margaret River?!  Twisted Evil

Posted 04 Apr 2011 10:46 in Western Australia by Mike_in_the_west

Are we taking those diagrams as gospel?

If so, they arn't gensets!   MPI are known for rehashed 645/710 engines.   Parts are in supply here, crew know how to repair 645E3.   Maybe these could be li ...

Hi Ken, thanks for the information.  That's quite interesting that you mention can noise in the new GMD/GE units...

A friend of mine is a conductor for BNSF in Montana which sees a lot of the PRB c ...

Posted 31 Mar 2011 15:25 in Western Australia by Mike_in_the_west

$10 says Watco will be ordering gensets from NREC like GWA are doing.

Join the dots and it makes sense - the units will meet T2 compliance (not relevant here!) as per the FAQ from CBH.   The new un ...

Hi Ken!  Good to see you enjoyed yourself down here.

Are you with CN or CP?

The closest loco in Canada I can think of to compare the DL's with is the SD60F...however, with a 12 cylinder engine.. ...

Over the past few years, the North American class 1 railroads have discovered a market for 3000-3300hp locos.   Gensets are not quite in this range yet.

UP are rebuilding 500 SD40-2's and bringing  ...

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