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Posted 10 Aug 2017 16:37 in New South Wales by NSWGR_5711

Hi all,

just a quick question about the heights of loco numbers as I can't seem to find an answer. I know that the cab side numbers are 12" high, are the numbers on the rear of the tender also 12"  ...

Hi Roachie,

pretty sure I've got some JHG decals somewhere that my dad made up, Ill have a look and get back to you.


Ian Lindsay Models do R cars

Cheers for that, im lucky my father has a copy of it

Hi,I'm trying to find if there are any pictures or diagrams of the original radiators for the A/C system that where on the Silver City Comet before it was changed in the 50's/60's.I've only found one  ...

Does anyone have a pricelist/catalogue for the kits that they can post on here or email me?Or know what kits they make and the prices?Thanks

hi mactrain dont know if you got a list of the Ezi kits  ...

Hi there Anzac,I've put a few of the kits together (as i should!!) the CR being one of them and i've always used the green zap-a-gap it is well worth it.Andrew

Hi all,If anyone is after any of the SJM range of kits just send me a PMCheers,AndrewHi AndrewCan I ask what is in the range and rough prices please?I might be looking for an AC State Carriage.ThanksK ...

Hi all,If anyone is after any of the SJM range of kits just send me a PMCheers,Andrew

just been working on a Railmotor 38 along with a set 104 of R-carsI have a pic of the railmotor at

Could someone help me on the consist of set 103/104was it FR FR BR RFR?cheers,Drew

PM sent mate

This is a long shot but I have exhausted other avenues and my computer is too slow to win on eBay! I am after Stephen Johnson ACM or CR kits. Good money paid for either or both Please pm me If you can ...

cheers for your help Linton, your blog post will help me alot!I have a chart some where which will tell me which Vallejo paint matches the Humbrol one.Thanks againDrew 

Hi All, I've got a set of R cars that I want to paint in the Tuscan & Russet colours and could anyone help me in determining which brand/colour of paints are suitable or even how to mix the prope ...

there is a article by Phil Calvert in AJRM No. 9 & 10 on assembling white metal kits. He uses the D53 as an example 

Hi there 1210_5910I'm not to sure what i'm going to number it etc yet, still got to do a bit of research i'm going to have to get my hands on the Standards of steam book for it unfortunately i think i ...

Just got the D53 I ordered from AR Kits yesterday and I'm really looking forward to assembling it!!!   Very HappyVery Happy

Cheers for the links i'm sure they will be a great help, i'm currently still painting the loco  Very Happy

Ive only started this recently, my interests are the main north in the 1958-1962 period

Its just the K&M mech that came with the kit

Here is a image of the model, I have remade the ladders just recently

I'd have to say a DJH NSWGR 50 class and 59 class

Hi all,

I'm relativity new to all this but i have a 43class that I assembled when i was younger and am looking at finishing it off and fitting DCC and lighting to it and was wondering what decoder  ...

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