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I have boarded the 3:22, 3:54 and 4:24 Central-Kiama services numerous times and they are always overcrowded being 4 cars going into peak hour. On the 4:24 which is usually the worst, it has people st ...

T56/T66 are now Mortdale sets T51/T52, also T84/T87 are now T53/T54.

Will the two H set ATP Test Trains be returned to passenger services, or are they permanent ATP test trains now.

T109 has the Sydney Trains logos now, saw at it Hurstville tonight.

T40 has the new logos saw it at Rockdale this morning.

Tonight the 5:12 Central - Kiama train was 8T T101+T36 instead of 8H, wasn't a fun trip home for me with no toilets on the train.

T56+T66 are still floating around on the Illawarra/ESR lines.

H39 now has the logos, spotted at Central this morning.

H17+H43 now have Transport NSW Trainlink. I passed them at Eveleigh this morning.

Saw the set today, it appears that it is just the side decals as per V1/16. The front appears unchanged, however can't confirm as I didn't sight the front.
The front is unchange ...

H18 now has the Transport NSW TrainLink logos. Saw it this morning at Eveleigh.

The 3:27 Central - Kiama service was 8T instead of 4H this afternoon.

Posted 05 Jul 2013 19:47 in Sydney Suburban by Nathan1987

H11 and H12 have the Quiet Carriage stickers on the doors.

Posted 02 Jun 2013 10:39 in Sydney Suburban by Nathan1987

A46 and A47 were out testing yesterday. A46 saw at Sydenham and A47 passed me at Newtown.


South Coast Line  - DelaysCityRail advises that the 8.43am Wollongong to Sydney service on the South Coast Line is cancelled due to a train requiring mechanical repairs at Wollongong. Delays of up t ...

Sorry i should have mentioned it was a Flemo S Set at Sutherland oh yeah and i also saw a T100 is that G10 originallyThanksT100 is originally G32 and also G33 is now T110.

Hornsby sets T132/T133 are now Mortdale sets T100/?. Didn't see what T133 had changed too, guessing T110.

This should be interesting when I usually catch that 7:59 Kiama service on the weekend heading to the city.

Posted 13 Oct 2012 09:24 in Sydney Suburban by Nathan1987

A20 was testing on the ESR last night about 10:15 it came through Martin Place with test signs on the doors.

I don't understand 6 new services for South Coast Line, I can't see them anywhere.

Posted 19 Jul 2012 09:22 in Sydney Suburban by Nathan1987

hi does anyone know the carrige numbers for h51? please thanksThe carriage numbers for H51 are OD6845 ON5822 ONL5872 OD6846. I am pretty sure.

Seen T56/67 yesterday at Wolli Creek heading to Cronulla/Waterfall.

Posted 15 Jul 2012 21:30 in Sydney Suburban by Nathan1987

Just when I boarded OD6844, the old G-set numbering sequence. The seats just have the extra padding as the sets from H31 onwards do.

Posted 15 Jul 2012 20:03 in Sydney Suburban by Nathan1987

Caught H50 from Town Hall home. Reminded me of the G-sets with OD6844 as the leading car.

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