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Don't forget to check out the Bassendean rail museum if you haven't before, closest station is Ashfield and it's a short walk down. Largest collection in the state. Open Wednesdays and Sundays.

Alrighty, another blog post is up. Finally onto the cladding! Over the next few months she'll be starting to look whole again. However there is still a lot of work to go! ...

It's been another few months, and I'm a bit behind the ball in keeping this place updated with the latest blog post. But here we are! Lots of work has been going on regarding continuing work with the  ...

Sorry for the late reply for Steve, but yes that is the one of the things that will happen with Wheatbelt Heritage Rail given all goes well.

Hey all,

Another big update, work is moving forward at a good rate. Well and truly putting things back together now! ...

It's not goodbye forever. There are numerous WA narrow gauge EE's preserved. RA1918/KA212, F43 and G50 belong to RHWA, F40, F44 and C1701-03 belong with HVR. F41 is on display at Moora. Apart from the ...

Hey all,

It's been about 2 months since the last update and a lot of work has been going on. We've hit a major milestone, where everything has moved from the "disassembly" to the "reassembly" stag ...

Good luck to you with volunteering! I've been volunteering at RHWA Bassendean since I was 16, and it's been an awesome four years now. You learn so much you would never learn anywhere else, make lifel ...

Another update, and another milestone. The project is moving forward at a steady pace, and great work is being done by all.

While graffiti is an annoying part of the rail preservation movement, there is a saying one of the guys over here has which I agree with wholeheartedly. "It's just another coat of paint" While yes it  ...

Thanks again for your enthusiasm, Radzaarty. I'm sure many readers are delighted to receive your informative updates.
While I'd love to take claim, it's   Westland Models (not  ...

Hey all,

I spoke a bit to soon last time, here is the newest post!

[quote=Eastside]Can't find updated blog. Well done by the way. Great to see a group doing things like this (I know they all do) but prepared to put it online and make it available for all to see. Keep ...

In my opinion one of the best Aussie loco's is the WAGR L class. A modification of an already very successful design, they have been working since the late 60's and there are a number still hanging on ...

No new blog post today, just a small post.

Today we reached a big milestone, all the tubes have been expanded.

I really do feel privileged to be able to learn these skills. A lot more goes on with a steam loco than most people think, and I've learned a lot along the way this year!

Couple of new updates on the blog, things are starting to ramp up again!

Posted 10 Dec 2015 23:57 in Tasmania by Radzaarty

The ZB's in Perth don't have a bright future however. They'll likely end up scrapped.

They scrapped K210 which had just had a main gen overhaul within the last few months. It was used one last time to shunt stuff around the yard then idled the last of the fuel out and then got ripped u ...

An idea would be to make swatch cards of the various colours and ideally take them to a carriage to see which get closest. I don't know how far it is for you though.

Just to add more on that ADG. It is in potentially working order, it just needs some basic work carried out on it.

And no, unfortunately no trips are run. Accreditation for mainline is an issue over  ...

Also having a picture to directly match might help, if you have one.

The guy in charge is brilliant, he always has great ideas that benefit both the work being done and people doing it!

It certainly has been eye-opening getting to work this much with a steam loco, and ...

Hey all,

Been a while but here is an update on the happenings with S549's overhaul!

Hey RailNewbie,

There are quite a few errors with the WA section. I'll attempt to list and correct them.

"Perth and Geraldton were connected to the interstate rail network using 1435 mm gauge tr ...

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