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Roderick B Smith

Rail News Victoria Editor

In preparing my most recent post, I landed on page 1 by accident and found this:

'Something that I didn't know was that one of the reasons that three carriage operation has been phased out is that ap ...

David has asked for more detail.

He will have seen it before elsewhere, but not as compactly.

By the time the other restrictions are reached, the routes have fanned out.

The whole concept of of t ...

There are no level crossings in the four loop tracks.

The only conflict came from inadequate portal design.

Clifton Hill: complete disaster at Jolimont (side, not Y), but now with a DoT work aroun ...

Does anyone know how to pronounce Murgheboluc?

gh is hard, as in Langi Ghiran.  The most mispronounced name on the whole system is Gheringhap.  People pronounce at Gering-hap.  If so, it would hav ...

Which of the two same-size photos are we solving?

For the upper, I enter St Albans.

Roderick B Smith

Rail News Victoria Editor

Bud is the best USA beer.

That is not contradicting an earlier post: it simply shows what the rest are like.

Coors would have done better if it had left fresh Rocky Mountain springwater as it was.


3 s per stop is trivial: way within the variation caused by wheelchairs, or different driving/braking styles.

Going *tpws( is improving the signalling: other complainers have said 'too expensive'.


Melbourne hump yard

Roderick B Smith

Rail News Victoria Editor

Biblical 'tribe of Dan' leads to Asher

Ashens (6)

Roderick B Smith

Rail News Victoria Editor

I set out to outline the full set of Smithplan timetables, but not all of the background which led to them.

That will still follow, but while dwell time is flavour of the morning I found my post else ...

From DoT:

In a heavy on and heavy off (rare in Melbourne) comparison, measuring just the passenger time without the door opening/closing time:

Xtrapolis 28 s

Siemens 29 s

Connex Comeng 26 s

M ...

I didn't say that at all.  Don't put words into my mouth if you haven't the courage to put your name to your posts.

You sound more like a Dotro luddite with every post.

'We won't fix the services be ...

I did my timing in the afternoon peak at Circular Quay and at Wynyard, and in the morning peak at Sydney Central.

In the wider scale of overall planning, Sydney signalled its city loop for 90 s hea ...

Posted 17 Nov 2011 16:38 in Melbourne suburban by RoderickSmith


Roderick B Smith

Rail News Victoria Editor

Greetings to Mr 'Revenue'.

I am not being short sighted.

I am sick of DoT doing nothing but provide promises for a better future, doing nothing today, and then covering it with spin statements.

Not ...

While 'Kerpal' can't put a name to a post it has zero validity.

I have also done the measurements, and refute the claims.

The figures went to a different group, and I will not spend the time reassem ...

I did the analysis for my station: Surrey Hills.  Virtually no improvement in 10 or 20 years. Still 15 min headways in the peak, 30 in the evening, and 40 on Sunday evening.

Other lines get better.


This latest turn in the debate reflects the lack of background of every anonymous poster on this group.

When all you know is Victoria, you know nothing.

A blunt statement from 'Kerpal' proves nothin ...

'Revenue' sounds like a DoT apologist: we want perfection in the future, so we will do nothing now.

That is why religion is dying: 'Suffer today, for a better life hereafter'.

That is why Marie Anto ...

Everything which I put up could be achieved right now.

It is great to have grand visions for the future, but what we need is Service Now (and yesterday, and 10 years ago).

Use the existing infrast ...

Of course it can happen.  It is management mindsets, not the laws of physics.

Using drop-on drivers is is how Flemington Racecourse ran for decades, and probably still does.

A driver gets off one tr ...

Upfield can handle 10 min headways, but it is breathless, and not needed beyond Gowrie.  Relying on drop-on drivers: 4 min down (includes 1 min fudge), 2 min turnaround, 3 min up, 1 min crossing margi ...

Posted 17 Nov 2011 12:01 in Melbourne suburban by RoderickSmith

St Albans

Roderick B Smith

Rail News Victoria Editor

I was asked to contribute to this thread by someone who has watched the workshopping of a variety of plans in another forum, every since work started on the overpriced and badly-designed Laverton stat ...

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