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Sir Thomas Bent

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Posted 16 Jun 2013 12:06 in Railpage Australia™ by Sir Thomas Bent

Time to address some of the complete bollocks and glib self-justfications that was discussed in my name, and set the record straight.

Lately, I've been posting less and less, based on the fact that ...

At least it's not a bomb hoax like yesterday.

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla]If you have an operational job that involves shift work you work shifts. If you do not like shift work don't apply for the job.

Basically you do what the job requires, otherwi ...

There are, from memory, about five services to Echuca per day.  Just only one satisfies irrational gunzel desires - four require the shameful use of a bus.

Stop whinging.  The service provided, eit ...

Another one ran to Belgrave and back around 10:00.  Managed to lose four minutes before the shed got to Upper Ferntree Gully.

Posted 24 Apr 2013 15:08 in Sydney Suburban by Sir Thomas Bent

There's one.

Posted 21 Apr 2013 19:58 in Victoria by Sir Thomas Bent

The ones that run direct are the runs overnight to and from Mildura.

Posted 21 Apr 2013 18:13 in Victoria by Sir Thomas Bent

I'll say this again:

It. Is. A. Gigantic. Waste. Of. Money. And. Rollingstock.

There are times and places for heavy rail.  There are times and places for buses.  

Maryborough, like it or not ...

It's been mentioned repeatedly that information on what the assessment centres are looking for can't be discussed.

Yah, I'll have one of those.....
The other two are mine.

It is never worth getting into a debate with Myrtone: he has pretend 'Sperge, and will yammer on about rubbish.

Ignore it for the fraud and troll it is.

You got all that from one sentence? All I got was someone agreeing with the OP.

Posted 15 Apr 2013 20:36 in Victoria by Sir Thomas Bent

When was the last rail grinder around? Have to be a good three years plus.

Uninformed gunzel speculation here, but when the Ararat line was re-opened, a pair of "freight trains" consisting of an XR ...

Posted 15 Apr 2013 20:13 in The Lounge by Sir Thomas Bent

With all the media coverage about pro- and anti-Thatcher, I've now reached Thatcheration point.

[quote=Fish06]Yes it is almost a given that if you pass the medical you have the job, but they also check your references and do the police check. I didn't think there'd be any issue there but you nev ...

[quote=Speed]Joe Hockey doesn't go off on irrational tirades like Joyce and 9034 do.

What came to my mind on reading Sir Thomas' post this morning was that "government that they deserve" quotation. ...

[quote=9034]Image something even worse: Prime Minister Gillard and Tresurer Swan. A combination like that will ruin Australia. Oh wait, that's right [i]they have already have![/i]

9034[/quot ...

New three position signals are up, but bagged on the Racecourse line.

Have fun with Metroll running it in September and November...

Five words that sum up the fact that this election is about degrees of incompetency from both sides:

Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

I know. Very Happy there's a good chance that it might run earlyish. Circulars are at best a guide, especially test trains...

I'd be around Frankston around 1210, if I wanted to see it.

In fact,an XTrap will run to Frankston on Monday 15th April for signal sighting tests.

So this is what this has been leading to. Why the interest in where trains get tagged?

Neat. More sooking misery.

Always fun watching the reactions of the butthurt.  It's even better when they try to be all tough.

That's because no-one cares about the vermin that come from the western suburbs. Look at Watergardens/Hillside/Sydenham, for example.

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