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E.6010 had door hanger style leaflets on it's handles today regarding the works

now jolimont workshops mainly has a Olympic park expansion on it. If I'm correct little to no evidence of the yard exists

Every time a truck driver gets sentenced on a earlier level crossing accident (personally I think he should have been sentenced to life behind prison for driving around the boom gates causing death an ...

If you want to winge about level crossing removals, do it somewhere else, like here

anyone know when the first trailer car is to be inserted into a 2-car V'locity set?

bet a few of you know this but I saw VL00 on the new RRL line near the Deer Park Bypass on what appeared to be a driver training run on monday

[quote=Stuart Midgley]

Well, I guess that answers the length question!

2x33m units coupled together as standard ...

It is Southern Cross as has been quoted before. It was before they had put rail down on Platform 15

now I know that

[quote=wxtre]While I agree the Liberal party did not complete a myriad of projects. I will add some others that I believe were Liberal projects.

A new Springvale railway station and grade separatio ...

From memory the Brumby government also removed the Somerton Road crossing near Roxburgh Park as part of the Craigieburn electrification.

Correct they did that, sneaky as I  ...

Although it does look like a station on the Joondalup line

Posted 02 Dec 2014 17:24 in Melbourne suburban by Some rail man

Update time.

Seaford: PID on Platform 1 now operational

Bonbeach: PID on platform 1 now working plus temp fencing towards the up end of the citybound platform.

Edithvale: Temp fencing on the up pla ...

This is the first I've heard of this

The point I was making. This must be a weekend pic of people waiting to go to a music festival or something.

That pic is in Perth

Just got a message that this page is unsafe after I log in. (Huh???)
Newcastle Express

Same error

I bet platform 8 will be used by metro for extra trains to/from the suburbs for the footy or other events at Docklands Stadium

Posted 23 Nov 2014 17:46 in Melbourne suburban by Some rail man

Another Update at stations:

Highett: New LED lighting

Mordialloc: New refurbished toilets open

Carrum: Heaps of cabling wrapped around two light poles on platform 2, possibly for LED lighting.

A ...

Posted 18 Nov 2014 15:19 in Trams and Light Rail by Some rail man

can this be moved to Melbourne Suburban admins?

Posted 16 Nov 2014 19:43 in Melbourne suburban by Some rail man

Update time for new stuff at stations as of Sunday November 16:

Parkdale: New LED lighting* + PID working on Platform 1

Aspendale: New LED lighting*

Edithvale: New LED lighting* + PID on Platform 1 ...

Posted 13 Nov 2014 15:18 in Melbourne suburban by Some rail man

[quote=Heihachi_73]I must ask, why do all new areas have to be so close to the city anyway? Melbourne is a dead 9-5 city stuck in the 1950s and only caters for suits working for multi-billion-dollar c ...

I'd do the following in this scenario:

1. Close Rushall station

2. Build a new station at Fitzroy North at the corner of Nicholson St and Park St with an interchange to the Route 96 tram

3. Build a ...

Forgot to mention that the South Morang/Mernda line in my plan would join up with the Upfield line just outside Royal Park Station

Posted 08 Nov 2014 22:25 in Melbourne suburban by Some rail man

[quote=MrToastyy]what time does it ruun on sunday[/quote]

X'Trap's only run in the morning peak at this stage. Check back later.

[quote=MtBeenak]1. The original Metro Tunnel proposal involved a cu ...

[quote=wxtre]This map is from the PTV website. But apparently with the Eddignton Plan the Doncaster tunnel interchanges at CBD north

[img][/img][/quo ...

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