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My, my how things have changed. Not so long ago a certain manufacturer tried the concept of pre order for a certain steam loco that never materialised.
Now it seems pre ordering is the norm.Just for t ...

very nice indeed

The jumbo nears completion.Purchased for the princely sum of $100. Sans horns, mirrors, wipers and handrails on one end.

works ok in chrome

No real excuse for the lack of product support really.I have an early AR kits 45 class that was rebuilt using genuine parts supplied by AL.No waiting for months for parts or reply emails.That is exact ...

If you view his two listed items and select the postage/payments link you'll see he says "...and no paypal". Breach of the ebay TOS. So lets get him TOS'd quickly by reporting the issue on both listin ...

Here's the latest arrival.CheersStu 

I'm inclined to agree here. If you are going to bother with a website then at least invest in it to do the job properly. As it can  reflect poorly on your business otherwise.

I have some traction tyres that are made from car valve stem seal rubber.

With no extra weight the locos that have those pull much better than those that don't.

They are also impervious to oil.

I ...

One thing that I still have not warmed to is the reduction of "mailbag" to almost nothing.

Otherwise the magazine suits me just fine.

The speedos were postioned on the second wheel drivers side number 1 end on the 442 class. Regarding the buffers, Auscision have theires right on the 422 class. Makes the Austrains 442 class look  ...

I will do some research and get back to you, the book Units in focus has some excellent  442 shots in it.

Thanks for help



I think the speedo drives are sold at Casula Hobbies they are whitemetal, give them a call.

Some came with the ian lindsay sideframe castings.

Which axle do they go on?

Photos I have show them  ...

Posted 16 Apr 2011 18:11 in Melbourne suburban by Stu49

As far as I'm aware the S30 applies to locations that have either a pedestrian or level crossing within 100m of the platform end.

will be interesting to see what happens as the sand gets into train ...

They are out of scale, the LIMA 422 class or 44 class are spot on, but the mounts need to be brass. THe buffers on the JUMBO is meant to stick out past the anticlimber on the front. I told Mr Eassie ...

currently on the workbench RP S 312:

oh no you're not going to "ruin" this model too are you Wink

Have you thought about replacing the 442's buffers, The Austrains provided ones are disgraceful. I replaced mine with some brass ones from L&C Kits, worth the effort  Wink
I do have some somewh ...

Two more on the workbench,

8028 has casula hobbies sideframes, pilots, staff exchangers ian lindsay air tank, jacking poin ...

I have January 1991 and July 1993 photos of the No1 end of 8010 (assuming radiator fan is at the No2 end?), with a replacement MU socket. Paint mismatch suggests this happened after its Bicentennial r ...


Does anyone know if 8010 had both fixed multiple unit cables replaced by sockets or just one?

I have one photo of 8010 (loco profile) but have found no others that show the other end of the lo ...

thanks for that

I've asked a number of drivers, and not a single one has had any problem whatsoever with the paddle-users, now that they've been trained to check signals first. Because that's impossible at Flinders  ...

Did any of the PHG/MHG ever have 4 letter codes?

All done:

Very impressive!

One way to ruin a great model

Well if that's ruined then J514 can ruin mine if he likes anytime.. ...

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