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Not only that but could infuriate feminist readers by using "old woman" as a derogatory term.

No defense needed on my part, I just stated the obvious, not only on Rail ...

[quote="a6et"]I wondered how long it would take before this sort of rubbish was posted.

I also wonder what the problems have been with the competition models that have been returned to the import ...

And then there is this;

Now for the surprise - the factory has manufactured a strictly limited number of an UNANNOUNCED 4840 in Indian Red. These will be available to anyone (pre-paid or not), but  ...

Nominations for the Darling Downs Model Railway Club Inc. 2015 Toowoomba Model Trains, Craft & Hobby Expo (Formerly TMTEX) are now open.

The dates for the Exhibition are the weekend of May 30th and ...

The Darling Downs Model Railway Club will be open this weekend for the Toowoomba Spring Home Show & Camping & Leisure Expo.

We will have a stand in the Founders Pavilion (Site P42) as well as our M ...

One and all,

My apologies for this late posting, medical problems got in the way.

The Darling Downs Model Railway Club Inc. is holding its Annual Carnival of Trains display in the clubs premise ...

Maybe when an actual DC answer arrived, he got the information he needed.

I have always found the CDA/EDA transformer controllers and additional plug in controllers very satisfactory, we have used them extensively in the Darling Downs Model Railway Club Inc.

You can get ...

There's a connection? I don't see it....

They both start with Aus!

Just wondering if there was a standard font for NSW Candy carriages or was the lettering their own design.

Any assistance appreciated.

Ted (Teditor) Freeman

Thanks everyone, I have all the info I need now, much appreciated.

The NDFF was just changed to ADFF when they went under ARTC I guess.

Ted (Teditor) Freeman

The circle indicates a manual grade control, while the triangle is a fixed choke exhaust.
Fireman Dave

They are both coded ADFF, but I noticed on another post just under this, a list f ...

Thanks Matt and Mathew.

I was able to get the code board info needed.

I notice that there are 22xx series with circle in square and 29xx series with triangle in square, is this a standard differ ...

Is any one able to assist with details for the Australian Rail Track Corporation ADFF Ballast Hoppers please.

I am after the Tare, Gross, length (code board details, good photo), wagon numbers, wha ...

[quote=GrahamH]How about some hands-on items:

A layout for visitors drive trains, using a recent technology controller.

Visitors participating in constructing a layout (many hands make light wor ...

Its now at page 82, should we read anything into that?

perhaps not...


Yep! No 81 class anymore!

Should have seen that one coming...

Plain as day!

Enough already!

[quote=TheMeddlingMonk]I don't model NSW, so somebody else will probably be able to take this further, but is there anything common to each of those photos, beyond track/ballast/etc. and the fact that ...

[quote=qredge]In regards to the signs-I am sure I saw at least 6 or 7 of those on my way to the show and travelling to my Sons place at Middle Ridge

I was impressed with the clear logical art work an ...

2014 CLEARSPAN TMTEX Peoples Choice Results

The peoples Choice and Childrens Choice votes have been tallied up and the results are as follows;


1s ...

If you even need help with a promotional video for the next one feel free to contact me I would be all to happy to help put one together for you.

Sounds promising, certai ...


I would assume you came in from Brisbane, unfortunately the placement of signs is restricted by Council, we are only permitted to put out 20 and they must follow some strict ruling in design ...

Thanks for sharing the videos, looks like you enjoyed yourself.

I have heard many 'hearsay comments', none derogatory, though it would be interesting to know from modellers, public and exhibitors i ...

Posted 10 Jun 2014 18:36 in Model Railways - General Discussions by Teditor

[quote=NSWGR1855]H0 is a gauge name (original term and is used in the AMRA track standards)

HO is a scale name (NMRA NOROP )

00 is a scale gauge combination (British term) that uses a different scal ...

The 2014 CLEARSPAN TMTEX is now over.

I would like to thank all the exhibitors that made the event the success that it appears to have been, I have not heard any derogatory comments, so I will assu ...

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