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EMU 59 got a new partner, 32, and is the only EMU operating Ipswich line this Anzac Day. Also noted an IMU 120 (didn't get numbers since EMU windows were in the way), and 57 coupled to an unidentified ...

No EMUs on Caboolture or Ipswich lines today (18/04). In fact, I noticed a general lack of EMUs on most of where I went, as well as older stock on Ipswich/Cabo (only one lone SMU 220 pair, 235/234, wa ...

EMUs 42 and 40 parked on Exhibition line around 11:30 AM.

Two SMU 200s on the Exhibition line around 4:30, one towards Roma St, the other to Bowen Hills. The Roma St one was SMU 205/201, but the earlier Bowen Hills pair was too soon for me to note numbers.

EMU 34 on its own running Rosewood shuttles today (06/12).

EMUs 57 and 46 sighted on Ipswich line on special.

Unusually, EMUs 52 and 57 were seen operating a Gold Coast service at Central. I wonder if they were replacements for a failed NGR, and if they themselves were swapped later.

IMUs 122 and 121 sighed on Ipswich line today. (Not sure why we're logging 120s, since they're about the same age as the 220s which probably aren't being retired.)

EMUs 40 and 52 sighted on Ferny Grove service this morning (Sep 28)

EMU pair 45/56 sighted on Cleveland line run today (22 Sep). Possibly the one all day running EMU per prior history on the Cleveland line.

What's with 45/59 and 50/52 loving the Cleveland line? Seems to be new for QR; normally sets don't just stay on a single line for that long, I think.

EMUs 30/44 (44 with broken PIDS controller it seems) and 50/52 sighted on Ipswich line today (16 August). Believed to be only EMUs on it.

No EMUs on Ipswich line today (Aug 14). Seems that the IMU 160s/SMU 260s are ruling it instead.

EMUs 30 and 44 sighted on Exhibition line, not in service but powered on.

EMUs 40 and 45 sighted on Exhibition line running out of service this morning.

Wonder what they're planning on doing with all the hybrid EMUs and ICEs. Also, was EMU 46 with another EMU two days ago?

EMUs 85 and 86 have been parked in the Caboolture sidings from around July 9 onwards, and still there as of the 12th.

EMUs 46/49 and 41/52 sighted on Ipswich line today (5 July).

38 and 22 on Ferny Grove and Beenleigh services yesterday (November 13)

[quote=Skyblue1]Monday sightings

34 & 38 at Bowen Hills on Ferny Grove run

46 & 49 at Bowen Hills on Shorncliffe run

18 & 45 at Roma street on special

20 & 54 at Roma street on Ipswich run

2 ...

Seen EMU 32 and 51 on 10:35 CAIP today (21/07).

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