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Hi All,

Just to update Meeks Rd, the old rail tanker sidings have been upgraded with concrete sleepers and a anti vandal fence put around the 2 tracks.

I've also seen track machines stabled at B ...

Hi All,

I see that DCM 8022 and 8027 are at Chullora awaiting their turn to visit the hydraulic claw 13/04/2014.


Hi All,

Just reading both CityRail and Sydney Trains websites.  Western Line trains are delayed while Cumberland Line trains have a good service.  Go figure.


Posted 16 Jun 2013 16:09 in New South Wales by TheLoneGunMan

[quote=Coastboy7]Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction for track plans? Specifically warialda nsw. I have a copy to the cd on nsw track plans, but it is based on a very old program that won' ...

Hi All,

I agree there, but logically, "if" a station has ramps from street level, shouldn't it have ramps to the platforms as well? That takes in a lot of stations on the Western Line Rooty Hill, D ...

Hi All,

I like the comment that the Adelaide & Perth rail systems haven't had detonators for 10 years. Well it's "logical" for both and Melbourne not to have them cos "who" is in charge of the disa ...

Hi All,

My fondest memories of the Standard Sets was when I lived in St Marys and to get on the early morning State Rail employees train for the ride to BoShops Platform at Chullora when I worked a ...

Hi All,

Those little 48ers are a great locomotive to work on. I think that the PL's would be close to the same being spaced out better minus the second control stand. Those locomotives are worth mo ...

Hi All,

Ultimately, this discussion was started by someone who doesn't get around much and doesn't get the scope of passenger traffic volumes that use these footbridges. I've used the second footbr ...

[quote=nswtrains]Whilst the the 2 NSW Parcel Vans in the photos are example of what they looked like, they are certainly not being used as parcel vans but as some sort of test cars as parcel vans had ...

Hi All,

I'd like to see stations like Eastwood & Epping get taken off the Newcastle timetable as well. I had a discussion with people who got on the Intercity Train that I was on last week at Eastw ...

I'm not a train driver ....

You're not a train driver ....

..... and I'm pretty certain TheLoneGunMan will never be a hostage negotiator !


Hi All,

I'd be telling the per ...

I only said it'd be useless anywhere there's a hill, meaning it'll be useless there because of no dynamics but i didn't say it'd be completely useless....
Hi All,

It's obvio ...

Posted 26 Apr 2013 19:53 in Sydney Suburban by TheLoneGunMan

[quote=Raichase]So then [url=]this video about the uniforms being made in Australia, MORE than the previous ones, was complete fabrication? I just ask, because you seem so su ...

[quote=Watson374]It'll be a MyBus 2 fare, as it's between 3-5 sections.

I've done the bus from Town Hall to UWS Parramatta in Rydalmere - once in my life, never again.[/quote][left]Hi gorgeo,[/left ...

All your links are broken. It's just the original text in the link, not the real URL.
Hi jcouch,

Thanks mate, I thought that I was doing a good deed, but somehow stuffed the li ...

Posted 25 Apr 2013 20:19 in General by TheLoneGunMan

Hi Lynda,

You can look at the [url=http://]Cooma-Monaro Railway for starters because they are the current custodians of FP11 Pay Bus. Also you can look at the NSW Rail He ...

Posted 25 Apr 2013 19:30 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by TheLoneGunMan

[quote=alcoworldseries]Interesting legal question vlocity, from my understanding those that designed the XR's had been "pensioned off" by Freight Australia and where in fact working as private compani ...

[quote=tranx]I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to put a wanted request but I am after photos of the overhead catenary on the Main South from Granville to Liverpool and the Regents Park Li ...

Hi All,

I think that the 2 main reasons why RailCorp don't want the single deck suburbans on the network is 1 they don't want them out there full stop and 2 they don't want any rail vehicle touchin ...

The coverups continue.

Anyone looking for a safer railway where an accident like this could never happen again is going to be disappointed.
Hi All,

Now I guess that this is your ...

I have a HTC Wildfire S A510b
Hi GH,

I have it on Samsung Galaxy Note II and it's good but the only bad thing, it makes the phone hot & it's savage on battery.


If the 3 NSL line projects should be wired for increased flexibilty and capacitywhy doesnt that argument work for the SSFL.
Gu ...

Hi Scott,
Thanks for updating.

Hi All,
I can shed some light on some of the cars at Chullora
Believed withdrawn or stored based on posts above [Any contradictions welcome]:381038123813 At Chullora3814381738213823 At Chullora3829383 ...

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