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[quote=WimbledonW]Another new port as at Chancay and will be built by a China company. This port will also serve copper and iron ore mines. This Pacific port is on the China side of the Andes. Chancay ...

Oak Flats

My first thought is not printable: something to do with Sydney Terminal (platforms 1-15).

I was surprised that there was not more use of this forum after the the demise of AME. Anyway, now that you have woken up this forum, here is my news.

There hasn't been much to report about our clu ...

May be in the wrong direction but how about Lindfield?


The original report is interesting:

The numbers do add up, however the fact that in this coun ...


Waverton it is!

Over to you.

A lot of surf at the moment.

Sorry, doing my impression of a lizard drinking.

Open Floor.


Hardies (1938-1991)

Posted 07 Dec 2021 22:04 in Sydney Suburban by TomBTR

This area was once the main port in the 1860’s was it ever rail served ?


Good summary in Wikipedia:

Sydney's first tram was horse-drawn, running from the o ...

[quote="AheadMatthewawsome"][quote=Griffinrails Official](then just use the disagree emote matt)[/quote]It's not letting me. It also randomly deleted when I first tried to say "I disagree". So just +1 ...

Stanmore it is!


Take it away, Sydneyshortnorth!

But was it not Matthew who got the answer first?

Circular Quay it was.

Well done, and over to you Georges.

Continuing the same theme, well almost:

I've never been 21 before.

Vineyard and Wynyard


That was quick, yes. Not as much fun as when it was a tramway junction. Over to VG again.

The angry queen jumps the gun.


It looks like we shall be doing a new run of aluminium profile rail for another small private track near Sydney soon. If anyone else would like to share then a better price might be possible for all.  ...


Green Square

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