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Thanks Bevan.

How time flies. it must be 20 years!


East Hills?

Albion Park?

Posted 14 Jul 2021 11:57 in News by TomBTR

And spare a though for the countries of the former Russian empire who cannot dual gauge with their standard gauge neighbors in Korea, China, Iran, Turkey and Europe. There is an interesting gauntlet t ...

[quote=OldSteamer]It is good to see young people interested in heritage railway. We have to hand over the reigns at some point to the next generation.

But the thought occurred to me - should this y ...

Crows Nest it is. Georges has the helm.

Has this thread stalled? (No, not a clue, it's a question!)

This part of an old ship will not be ready for a year or two.

Posted 18 May 2021 22:20 in News by TomBTR

or, more positively, choose which to read with interest.

Thanks for posting this story. After reading it I just ordered a set for the grandchildren.

As a toddler my first trains were plain and unpainted and ran on wooden rails. Then they went out of fash ...

Hi Barry, and welcome to the forum.

Sometime you should tell us about your track.

I can't help with photos at the moment although someone at our club posted several from South Australia on the  ...


Thanks for showing us where you work. The countryside looks a little like NSW. Just for my interest, what is the track gauge and what is the overhead voltage?


Thanks bov.

Nothing to hand so apologies for open floor again.




Sorry people, double green doesn't help. Maybe fuel contamination, maybe sheep on the line. Sometimes these puzzles are harder to create than to solve. Open floor.


That's good news David.

I wish more clubs would follow your example. Some clubs have members who have now become accustomed to not running trains and who are happy to wait until all restrictions ar ...

I was sad to learn last week that the current issue (214) of AME is the last. For 20 years I enjoyed finding the magazine in our letterbox six times a year. No doubt in due course we shall learn why i ...



Rooty Hill

Posted 03 Aug 2020 20:57 in Railpage Australia™ by TomBTR

[quote=Graham4405][quote][quote]Now we have this in the UK section:

[url=]https://www.Railpage. ...

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