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Other former Mile End rail yard workers may well know this too....however I can recall seeing on numerous occasions, road trucks loaded with ice blocks (about the size of a 24 bottle slab of beer), pa ...

Being a regular - (4 time per year min) between Wagga and Melbourne and between Sydney and Wagga over the past 10 years, I have always been amazed (but not in hindsight) with the number of people who  ...

Posted 05 May 2015 16:58 in South Australia by Top Cat

Short update article in May Catch Point about Burra......Cool

Posted 08 Mar 2015 15:14 in South Australia by Top Cat

No oil/fuel is railed into Birkenhead.  Only diesel is railed out of Birkenhead......Alice Springs and Cook.

Posted 29 Jan 2015 15:44 in South Australia by Top Cat

The Port Junction was streamlined with the removal of most of the standard gauge elements last year....and agreed there is some 'excess' track configuration still in place.  However to ensure single l ...

Posted 16 Jan 2015 11:33 in South Australia by Top Cat

Driven by GWA drivers and with a PTS pilot man.  I'm sure what ever bills get sent to NRM would be paid, and they must have known what those costs would be before it happened....Cool

On Thursday 18 December - morning peak: 3 x Up Gawler services and 1 x Down OHBR were all Jumbos = 4 x sets (min).

But Serco has already announced it intends to float and sell GSR.... so why is anyone bothering?

Posted 12 Dec 2014 23:21 in South Australia by Top Cat

4012 was formally handed over to Public Transport Services on 24 November 2014. 8)

no emotion, no spin....just DPTI direct with a list of very specific questions to make it hard for them to avoid answering.....

Second and third hand 'stories' indicate that PRR, SteamRanger and NRM are all 'keen' to acquire 830 class type operational units - for their respective reasons.....all up to GWA.

Facts please facts.

With the legislative sub-division and establishment of ARTC in 1998, and working under specific SA Govt instructions - ALL passenger buildings and associated assets on the former  ...

Any advertising on insulated vans for Golden North?

Whilst some may think there is merit to a connection.....$150k would be a drop in the ocean to meet all the costs for an ARTC "private line" connection into the CTC system.... a new concrete bearer tu ...

I have heard, from a good authority, that NRM is very optimistic to secure a 2-car Jumbo.  If that is confirmed eventually, there are already plans underway to have a farewell Jumbo tour (at least one ... MERM, railcar 8 was used very successfully as a book and souvenirs 'shop', before relocating that function, successfully into railcar 41.  An original 'stuffed' petrol motor from a model 55 typ ...

very interesting Scooter they haven't found an engine yet? Shocked

Posted 04 Sep 2014 20:37 in South Australia by Top Cat

4001 was officially handed over to PTS as at start of rostered shifts this morning Thursday 4 September.Very Happy

Posted 04 Sep 2014 19:17 in South Australia by Top Cat

Well, obviously I am wrong......if others have seen 4001 out and about, then clearly the problems were fixed quicker than initially suggested....sorry guys.

Posted 03 Sep 2014 22:50 in South Australia by Top Cat

4001 - last minute issues found.... which has postponed release into expected by 29 September.8)

Posted 22 Aug 2014 22:39 in South Australia by Top Cat

[quote=62440]There was a proposal to convert to SG in the 90's as far as Booleroo (though Melrose could have been justifiable). As I remember it, money was authorised from Fed regional development fun ...

......where do some of these absolute garbage comments come from??  

"....until such time as GWA feel like coming and picking it up"....

....the double decker routemaster is back from London.....Very Happy

No specific tracks purely for storing brakevans at Mile End.....knew the place very well.

However for short term (ie a few hours only) a few (2-4) may have been placed on the same track to be positio ...

I had a discussion with a management person at NRM.  The word serious has not been used by them....and it was not a rail safety related incident.  I'm told as the NRM Facebook is extremely popular the ...

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