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Yes, riding on moving locos & wagons is now banned in NSW not just PN. That came out not long after a fatality at Botany.

After spending a lot of time on the CFs and 92s, I have to say the CFs are a great improvement (more responsive, smoother power delivery, quieter etc) and Intermodal blokes will be getting a good ...

The blokes at SFT & QR Junee will be about $100 a fortnight better off now...

Posted 19 Mar 2011 11:11 in New South Wales by X_Class


It just switches between satellite and terrestrial as required. Some systems fitted to locos are satellite only now.

SSR and QR are getting all the good running. All we'll be left with at PN is the rubbish like Pelton!

27 million tonnes a year??? Are you sure???

Thats a huge amount. A quarter of the entire output of coal in Newcastle!

So does this mean the Edi's and 92s are rated for the same loads ?

One further , are the ACs (all) being used over the Liverpool Ranges and what differences have they made .

Cheers .

Yes they ...

Posted 28 Jan 2011 12:29 in New South Wales by X_Class

That whole area has always been a pain in the awse , just for the record what were the grades over the old single line alignment ?

The Galoots should have installed Lithgow a bit further west where i ...

How do the loads hauled by the 92s and the TTs compare?

Do the TTs share the tractive effort "on and off" effect of the 92s?

The TTs have the same ground radar for wheelslip control as the 90 clas ...

Its interesting that the 92s are starting to do it better than the heavier Super Series 90s . How do the two compare when doing hill starts with big loads ?

The 90s do lift a load on a grade from a ...

I don't know the details, however there has been some "fine tuning" of the traction management software on the 92s by GE I'm lead to believe.

In my opinion they perfom well. The last few times I've ...

Posted 22 Dec 2010 15:21 in New South Wales by X_Class

That's the idea!

Dont forget to take your wet weather gear with you when working EL's as it rain inside the cab just as much as it rains outside,Good luck with them lol.


That statemen ...

You'll make more money in freight, but definately at the cost of rostering and "cushiness".

I dont think Id like the suburban driving after doing long distance freight, but then again its no worse  ...

Posted 22 Dec 2010 15:10 in Australian Rail Employment by X_Class

I have an eye condition that even glasses cant fully correct, so I have to wear hard contact lenses. Ive been wearing them for about 12 years and havent had any dramas as a driver for 10years. You jus ...

Great.... Another uni study on train drivers... Rolling Eyes
I think you'll find very little evidence of mobile use contributing to incidents.

Canberra Branch has now been affected due to a mud slide in the Molonglo Gorge, near Pine Range No. 2 Tunnel.  6:45 Xplorer ex Canberra has had to return to Queanbeyan and Canberra.

I was wondering ...

So the fragmentation continues...what a mess

Posted 16 Aug 2010 13:50 in New South Wales by X_Class

I just got back from a trip over east and i spent about a week in the Hunter region checking things out. One of two things i noted are the fabricated framed bogies and the brake rigging with the air c ...

Can anyone else see where this is going?

Yep, the deer park!

Posted 27 Jun 2010 18:43 in General by X_Class

Since splitting everything up and privatising, the maintanance has become almost non existent. Engines are getting older and getting looked after less - not a good combination.

Great shots!

I have noticed that PN/PNQ Drivers always pull down the blinds in an in-active locomotive cab, presumably to protect the dash.  It is something that QR should employ ...

When I was  ...

PN will have a long drawn out selection process and other small mobs may be a case of who you know....

A $2300 safeworking school will not get you a "train drivers job".  You need to be a fireman b ...

To all of you suggesting ARTC is are right!

They cant even update thier safeworking & TOC manuals let alone maintain the network! Give me railcorp territory any day!

Going off all the info in this thread, for working conditions, PN is still the better package in totality.

Posted 05 Jun 2010 13:34 in Operators by X_Class


I don't know which system your fatigue is run under, but the most common is FAID which does not allow the chopping and changing so much. It only allows a driver to do 3 night shifts in a r ...

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