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Posted 15 Jul 2015 15:31 in Sydney Suburban by Yuun Yii

The film Beneath Clouds features a scene with the main character (girl) entering Riverstone railway station and catching a train from there. Starts at 1:17:17. Carriages T4932 and T4967 can be  ...

Well after about 2 attempts of trying to see 2102 (it doesn't want to go!), we finally saw it leave on Monday morning. I also watched the removal of 2107 last night and early this morning. Only about  ...

Posted 23 Jun 2015 22:54 in New South Wales by Yuun Yii

Thank you everyone. Much appreciated. Smile

Posted 11 Jun 2015 23:10 in New South Wales by Yuun Yii

Hi all.

I am just wondering if there was a list somewhere of all the CFCLA locomotives names (the race horses names). I have tried searching online, but the only information I've found so far was a ...

Posted 11 Jun 2015 22:45 in New South Wales by Yuun Yii

Great footage. Love hearing the rumble of these as they come past during lunchtime for me.

Here's a video I just took the other day actually!

[url=]C504, ...

A bit late to the thread, but I did take some photos during that weekend. Uploaded my best one taken of an M crossing the Harbour Bridge.

Also ...

Hello. I have received a PM from the user [url=]christsn with the follow content.



I wish to ...

Posted 12 Dec 2014 22:05 in Sightings by Yuun Yii

My post is late, but I saw the AK cars last week leaving Central in the evening. Got some photos and a video.

[url=]AK cars album

[ ...

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