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Posted 17 Jun 2018 13:58 in South Australia by alcoworldseries

Three 2000 and three 2100's still exist one of each at Steamranger, NRM and the MFS training centre at Ottoway all the others scrapped at Sims Gillman nearly two years ago

Also add 966 (and possibly 955) to list 966 spent many years on rotten row at Port Augusta works prior to scrapping I think 955 may have also ended its days there

[quote=M636C][i]From memory the thinking with this set of bogies that found their way under various 930's was 830 class gearing in an attempt to reduce traction motor generated ground relays I think g ...

Returning to the original question redhens 341 (342) - 361, note the 342 in brackets, as this series of the redhens 342 - 361 all fitted with Rolls Royce 2x 6 in line supercharged diesel engines, the  ...

Just to muddy the waters a little, and working from memory (so happy to be corrected), Albert Park to Grange (Henley Beach well before my time) was a token staff, with just one staff for the section,  ...

Posted 23 Sep 2016 18:28 in South Australia by alcoworldseries

518 is now privately owned and is at Newport workshops, to the best of my knowledge 516 has been scrapped, 508 last seen at Whyalla but maybe at Spencer Jct, 527 is stored at Forrestfield WA andf has  ...

Has anyone considered that both locos "serenading" and that just perhaps it was the last steam trip for at least one driver.................

What has been overlooked in this thread is the numerous modifications that have occurred to such a large group of loco's over a very long working life, I know here in SA the traction motors regularly  ...

Mindless uninformed discussion here is very damaging to the dedicated volunteers and precious few paid staff we have again I ask admin to block this thread pm me for more details

That I can answer, the NRM was evacuated on Friday as per normal operating procedures on ANY worksite in SA, IF any anomaly is discovered, which was the case in this instance

Enough is enough, this incident had nothing to do with ANY rail operations, administrator please lock this thread

AWB (or whatever name they call themselves this week) own the train, PN is the operator, and would charge to use their loco's much cheaper for owner (AWB etal) to source their own loco's.

Looking for cotton wool to wrap NSW in, noise the of bloody flies louder!! Is this the same NSW that still allows quad C class on trains or T or 49?? Reality check needed in some quarters

Posted 18 Feb 2014 01:14 in South Australia by alcoworldseries

I doubt milko as far as I know 4001 still exclusively type testing and training, maybe 4002, lower probability 4004, 4005 still testing.

So sad too bad Aaron Seaford opens this Sunday, this type of broken promise I can live with

Posted 27 Dec 2013 09:38 in South Australia by alcoworldseries

I have heard that 704 will shortly be moved to Islington (not sure which gauge) to become part of GWA's training centre there.

No Redhens can run under powered wires.....unless they get their bogies bonded.....Wink
Top Cat
Which should occur early in January

Regarding a Red/2000/3000/4000 line up my best advice is watch this space and/or the NRM and PTS websites...................

Hate to deflate many balloons quickly, but SA doesn't have the regional population base to support ANY country passenger service, just to aquire railcars to run the service would be prohibitive. GSR i ...

Posted 03 Nov 2013 01:46 in South Australia by alcoworldseries

Record book was at Eudunda Ian

Yes JAP, near 20 years since last trains any wooden sleepers are now time expired, the steel ones put in during gauge conversion now over 60 years old ditto, the rail too light for modern axle loads s ...

The "turning" triangle at Tarcoola still in use and used surprisingly regularly, triangles also still at Pimba, Barton, Cook, Loongana, Rawlinna, Zanthus and Parkeston, all see varying degrees of use

From now til May take plenty of drinking water (and fly spray)

I worked several trains to/from 555 in 1998, we where running ballast toward Barton after resleepering (derailment repairs), from memory loco's CLF5/705

Last movement via west leg I am aware of was a ballast c 1998

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