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Have a look at this photo on the Penrith local history site showing the Nepean Dairy Co-Op. Photo is mid-way down the page but could provide some useful detail. ...

What happened to 4477 in cfcla colors at qube?
Junction box
Based on the photo descriptions of L1172 on Flickr, I think 4477 has been withdrawn from service to storage (unsure if it's a  ...

[quote=davesvline]Update, a6et

the Metho option didn,t work.

I got a paint transfer off a plastic car mirror on the nice paint with WD40 after googling that dilemma, so I may opt for that techn ...

Posted 05 Aug 2017 00:21 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by alexk

In response to steven_h's message regarding prices realised, I did note some by following the auction console link. Some prices were:

$4 000 for the shell of 4468;

$5 500 for the 3AG bogies (not  th ...

[quote=TomBTR]I admire your sentiments Alex. However you are assuming that the Liberals are stupid. Obviously they are saying that black is white and hoping that people will believe it long enough for ...

Posted 28 Sep 2015 16:31 in Railway Archaeology by alexk

M636, check Ron Preston's book on the Great Northern Railway, published approx. 1982(?) and in the section that discusses East Maitland there is a photo of a steam tram hauling a trailer on the Morpet ...

I Like the term 'Newcastle's Dead End', cause that's what it's going to be!
How about 'The Newcastle Insult' or 'Lieberal Stupidity' or 'Black is White' (because the Lib ...

I'll try Michelago to start things off. Looks quite southern NSW-ish

@indefatigable - that's unfortunate to hear but well worth seeing! I saw how busy Carlingford was and went to Telopea instead. Not as busy but well worth feeling the tra ...

Posted 23 Mar 2012 12:19 in New South Wales by alexk

On the Toronto branch, west of the former level crossing on main road 217 at Toronto.

Posted 21 Mar 2012 09:57 in New South Wales by alexk

Let's try the Belmont Line between Redhead and Jewell's Crossing.

Posted 08 Jun 2011 18:03 in Sightings by alexk

8029 running light engine southbound at Adamstown railway crossing around 11am this morning.

Posted 19 Apr 2011 23:54 in Railway Archaeology by alexk

Great photos there OK2Run, especially of the dump station arrangement at the power station. That is obliterated now.

Posted 19 Apr 2011 23:30 in New South Wales by alexk

Let's have a crack at the Cudgegong River bridge at Munna on the Mudgee line (or more technically correct, the Gwabegar line).

Something looks familiar from an old image in one of the RTM calendars ...

I'll have a wild guess; on the Crookwell branch near the junction of Norwood and Middle Arm Rds.

Like drwaddles said, that landscape looks familiar for some reason. Reminds me of the area around Go ...

Sorry for the delay  Embarassed
Thanks wurx. There was something familiar about the power poles, but I thought that since Dr Waddles had posted a 'Where Is It?' in the same general area (only on the  ...

Dr Waddles has probably got it.

After looking at Google Maps I would say it is the former Hebburn Exchange sidings at Weston (looking approximately east) with the former Hebburn No.1 Colliery on t ...

Just west of the former Bellbird Junction on the extension to Cessnock Station and Aberdare Extended Colliery.

Posted 16 Dec 2010 18:22 in Railway Archaeology by alexk

Great photos there Hairyleg.

There is an occasional walk with the Central Coast National Parks and Wildlife (NPWS) that walks a loop from the entrance to Woy Woy rubbish dump to Mt Wondabyne and r ...

The old Coal and Allied washery sidings adjacent to Hexham station.

There's something about those power poles next to the railway corridor that I can't quite put my finger on. Hmmmm...

Between Belmont and Jewells on the former Belmont Line.

Mallala Road crossing near Gawler


Posted 30 Nov 2010 13:54 in Railway Archaeology by alexk

Dr Waddles, after 6 zillion phone calls and various 'name dropping'I managed to get an escorted tour of the Wangi Power Station in .

I doubt, given the redevelopment that is now going ahead I would ...

Wild stab at Two Wells.

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