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[color=#141823][size=2][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Would anyone have any spare parts to suit a Southern Rail U boat at all? I need the clip that holds the worm drive in position[/font][/size][/ ...

Posted 04 Sep 2015 17:51 in Queensland by andrewstrains

Does anyone have news on this service? I haven't observed one of these trains for over a month. At one stage they were crossing in Mackay. Maybe the mine has been mothballed again?

I s ...

[quote=Black_Ute]Yes. I used an ESU LokPilot DCC V 4 (part# 54615) in my TT class. Seems to work fine through all speed steps. Made a few changes in JMRI to the usual things like acceleration/ dece ...

Has anyone fitted DCC to the GT 46s yet?

What decoder did you use?


Sign me up! duel gauged points have been sadly missing fro a number of years

Well done to the Wuiskie Clan on the RTR 1550s both High nose and DOO!

I look forward to seeing samples on here! did anyone manage to get a pic at all?


I want to sell the following;


T383 in Cootes

T364 V/line

X37 VR


N470 V/Line

T320 VR

Asking $300ea ono plus post

All are fitted with DCC


Im on the lookout for a Powerline BL or Mk1 G if anyone has one they'd like to sell?


[quote=Poath Junction]Did anyone take a pic of the SDS banners at the Hobsons exhibition (the big ~8 foot vertical promo banners behind the stall)? In particular I'm interested in the one that has a r ...

For Sale,

TrainOrama 4201 in 125th Anniversary green weathered by Toms.

PM with a offer, I need it gone


[quote=dthead]Just put in a second order today for three lander cars, which I should have done for the first order, but now the first parcel has arrived, I were tempted again to availmyself of this 32 ...

ASR and GWA oranges are different. Railies paint do a ASR orange. As for GWA orange I'd assume the Yanks have a paint for it

I spoke with Al about a order 2 weeks ago. He is also active on facebook so he still alive and kicking. I'd email him again asking to call

Cairns - Kuranda tourist train.

Gota ask do you have any proof?

From where I sit I really don't see how it could possibly make a profit.


Those pics look just like the ones that have been on the site for a few years now sadly.....

Linky no worky for me IndefatigableSad

Id try Loctite 401. It has held everything Ive used it on

I have used 2 in my gear 1 was in a Far North Hobbies Pay Bus. It woks brilliantly. I did have a standard decoder fitted but due to the small wheel base and only having 4 wheels touching the rails.

2 ...

The batwing hoppers come with couplers on each end of the wagon and solid bars are inculded in the pack

Ah ha! thought It might have been. Thanks Arthur and Graham

[quote=Sulla1]I'm not sure you should be expecting donations from Aurizon, they're not going to get their operating ratio down to 75 by 2015 by giving away working locos. This thinning of the herd is ...

Got a sheet of ply, 300x900.Let's see how plan B goes...

Good to hear!

Did you end up transferring north at all?


But don't On Track use #5 couplers NOT scale head type (1)58s? they have on all their past projects.


Mate I will bring it up at our next "local" meeting....

We would need to discuss it and see what the feeling is and go from there


Good idea Warzy, I wont be here for the meet ...

Would it be possible to see some pics of them at all?

Also how far north of the 'Ville are they located?


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