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Posted 09 Aug 2017 15:38 in Victoria by bigdee1

It is interesting to note that on the NSW Trainlink Service Alert page today,It has mentioned a delay to the Central to Spencer Street Service no 623. Cheers Don

There is one fairly close to the Main South Railway at Bargo.

re tunneling under rivers in Australia.Doesn't the ECR go beneath the Lane Cove River  ?

As a forum member and a Sydney (Campbelltown ) resident,it has amazed me that there has been very little or no mention of this in the news in Sydney. Maybe if more people were aware of what the State  ...

Posted 30 Oct 2014 13:15 in New South Wales by bigdee1

QSB6.7 According to the Trainlink website,the XPT terminates at Broadmeadows until Nov.8,then it says that the XPT will incur delays of 30-40 minutes between Broadmeadows and Southern Cross,then from  ...

as far as I know,it is only until the RRL is up and running,I think early in 2015

The XPT has been terminating at Broadmeadows for the last couple of months,due to the extensive works being carried out between Southern Cross Station and well out towards Sunshine.It has been posted  ...

Not nit picking here but regarding your complaint template,I thought we were all going to complain about "'House Rules" not"'Kitchen Rules."'

Just thought I would mention it before you all flood Met ...

Posted 10 May 2014 09:20 in Sydney Suburban by bigdee1

[quote=donttellmywife]There is no pensioner excursion Opal - there is a Senior/Pensioner Opal.

They tag on and off in exactly the same manner as any other Opal card user.

They pay the fare for t ...

217M is currently sitting at the corner of Hume Highway and Cabramatta Road Lansvale Sydney,posing as a coffee shop/hot dog stand.

Posted 28 Jul 2012 15:17 in Sydney Suburban by bigdee1

re the loose change Mcdonalds ad. It would be a long way for him to run to get Macca's at Central,as the nearest one is in Railway square,near Harris St.The only burger place like that at Central is a ...

Posted 02 Jun 2012 09:29 in New South Wales by bigdee1

I have been reading this thread with interest,I am not a railway person,but have a lot of interest in them.I saw that mention was made that Southern Cross would need lengthening for a replacement of t ...

Posted 21 Apr 2012 08:59 in Sydney Suburban by bigdee1

Being a Campbelltown resident,know how it feels .I have just returned from Melbourne,and I really do not know why they are all complaining about Metro for.Ì noticed that Campbelltown and Frankston ar ...

Posted 25 Feb 2012 15:43 in The Lounge by bigdee1

As a "new chum"to this site,and a non railway person,just one interested in railways,I find it quite amusing to read some of the posts.There are a lot of contributors who are terribly biased against c ...

Posted 25 Feb 2012 15:11 in New South Wales by bigdee1

mudhen-that may be true, but when alco talks of angel gear, well, all trucks have neutral and gravity is a powerful thing. Alco, true about the plastic guards, but what of trucks and dollies fitted wi ...

Guildford Road Guildfrod on the South line 

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