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Hi Guys,

When will Millennium/M Sets get refurbished, they never been refurbished for 15 or so years compared to Tangaras and V Sets which get refurbished every 10 years or so.

I noticed that th ...

Hi guys,

What is the progress in the restoration of locomotive 1022 and 5711 so far to date?

And has restoration of locomotives in general completely stopped since the lockdown or is there some ...

Hi I am wondering what will be replacing the Z3 class trams and when they are expected to be retired. By mid 2020s?

How is 1022 progressing? And when is it expected to re-enter service?

Hi I am just wondering which trams will operate during the tramway festival 2019.


Hi I am just wondering when the Metro will open and will there be a possibility of it opening before the scheduled date?


Posted 28 Jan 2019 09:28 in Queensland by bordercollie9401


I am wondering whether if there is a fleet list or roster for the QR suburban network.


Hi, I am wondering when and if locomotive 8606 will be used as a heritage locomotive and if there are any upcoming trips.


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