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I was interested in what people thought of new train lines to an airport at Badgerys Creek . It appears as if an extension of the South West Rail Link will be a sure thing.

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Looks like the refurbished V-set is on the Newc/Central Coast line from the Tele today. Anyone know which services it is doing?

Wires are down at Epping. Get ready to take your photos of V-sets traveling down the North Shore line and through the City Circle

Posted 05 Sep 2012 07:42 in Sydney Suburban by cccommuter

There is a four car Waratah in the yard at Clyde today. What's the go with that?

Posted 06 Jun 2012 18:37 in Sydney Suburban by cccommuter

A 2 and PPTV are to go back, but both are still in Auburn as far as I am aware.

I saw A2 on the move last night at about 8.20pm at Auburn heading towards Strathfield

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