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Posted 05 Mar 2016 08:59 in ACT by cliff3

Thank you for your replies regarding about DC 6029 in this weekend. I just got a text from a friend, informed me that DC 6029 is in Sydney Terminal now and it is preparing to depart for Thirlmere soon ...

Posted 04 Mar 2016 10:22 in ACT by cliff3

I am wondering that is the steam garret, DC 6029 going to Thirlmere Steam Festival in this weekend? It would be appreciated. Thank you.

From Clifford Cook.

TT101 + TT113 were used as push and pull to Marulan South Stone Quarry last Monday, 27-04-15. Hope, it's interest you all.

To M636C,

You have be very careful that you are saying about TT Classes locos. There are no double TTs working in Marulan Stone Quarry now, as PN are still using TTs in coal workings in Hunter Vall ...

It is true that there are no TT classes locos in Melbourne, as all these locos are using coal workings and also they will not replace 93s workings. Thank you.

May I ask anyone know what time does Garrett 6029 depart Canberra Railway Museum for Goulburn on its way to Thirlmere on 28th February please? It would be much appreciated.


Barry Cook.

I heard that today's XPT on ST23 to Melbourne is running very very late and it may be running to Mittagong or Moss Vale just now, so what or why does XPT running very late? It would be much appreciate ...

Posted 12 Jul 2014 20:04 in Victoria by cliff3

What number of both XPT motive power please?

From Cliff.

Good evening everyone,At Yass Jct Station:08.06: NR115 + 9302 + 9301 + NR22 + 63 plts on 7BM2Hope, it is interest you all.Regards,Cliff Cook.

Posted 14 Feb 2012 16:36 in New South Wales by cliff3

It is at Chullora Jct now, due curfew for afternoon peak hour traffic. Sorry, it is running very late. Regards,Cliff Cook    

Posted 14 Feb 2012 10:57 in New South Wales by cliff3

Good morning everyone,At Yass Jct Station:09.05: 9212 + 9211 + 1 oil tanker + NR16 + NR51 + NR44 + 1 crew car + 68 plts on 2MB4Hope, It's interest you all.Cliff Cook         

Posted 16 Aug 2011 16:51 in New South Wales by cliff3

At Yass Jct:

11.39: XP2010/XP2003 (ST23)

16.16: XP2005/XP2011 (ST24)

From Clifford Cook

Good evening everyone,

Here is my yesterday's short sightings at Hurlstone Park, so you see below:

At Hurlstone Park station:

09.31: D49 + 18 plts (T236)

09.37: GM22 + GM27 + 21 plts (T176)


Hi everyone,  Smile
Today, I went to my train spotting at Botany NSW and saw few trains, so you see below:

09.46: 3101 + CLP17 + 28 wagons of containers departing Botany

10.08: GM27 + 103 + 23 wa ...

Posted 25 Nov 2004 17:50 in Sightings by cliff3

Sorry, I made a mistake to put NR59 and it should be NR29 (PN)  Embarassed
12.11: NR29 (PN) to Chullora Yard. :

Posted 24 Nov 2004 18:04 in Sightings by cliff3

Hi everyone,  Smile
At Dulwich Hill:

10.12: 3101 + 310?  l/e  to Clyde Yard

At Hurlstone Park stn:

10.27: NR8 (PN) + 19 wagons of contaniers to Port Botany Yard

10.43: 8148 + 48128 + 20 emp ...

Posted 23 Nov 2004 17:54 in Sightings by cliff3

Hi everyone,  Smile
Yesterday morning, I went to Hurlstone Park, Canterbury and Marrickville stns for my whole day trainspotting, so you will see below:

At Hurlstone Park stn:

XP2001 + 1 car +  ...

Posted 06 Sep 2004 11:25 in Queensland by cliff3

Hi everyone,

What is top speed for coal train hauling by elecritic locos with loco-control locos in middle of coal train just like 2 locos + 60 loaded hoppers + 2 locos + 60 loaded hoppers?

Thes ...

Hi everyone,  Smile
I have one question to ask anyone that Is Malvern Tram Depot still using D2 trams now?  Embarassed
Please, would anyone answer my question soon, thanks.  Wink

cl ...

Yes, GM27 is painted yellow and black, same as GM22 & GM10. I took few photos of T176 & T177.

Good evening everyone,  Smile
Yesterday, I went to Hurlstone Park and Canterbury stations (NSW) and saw some trains passing, as you see below:

At Hurlstone Park station:

08.55: 8004 + 3 empty  ...

Posted 23 May 2004 17:59 in Queensland by cliff3

Hi everyone,

As we were waiting for our 10.56 train to the airport at Roma Street stn and we heard a bit funny sound of hiiiiisssss and looked around the area of Roma Street stn to find there was a ...

Posted 28 Apr 2004 17:13 in Sydney Suburban by cliff3

These 9 Tulloch carriages were brought by 4918 + 4908 from Flemington Car Sidings to Elstons last Tuesday, 20 April, as it left at 12.00 (one hour late)  Embarassed

cliff3  Smile

Good afternoon everyone,  Smile
Sightings from Wolli Creek stn this afternoon:

14.35: 8119 + 10 wagons of open containers with loaded coke No 9126

14.54: 8165 + 8179 + 30 hoppers No 9132

14.59:  ...

Posted 29 Mar 2004 17:51 in Sightings by cliff3

Good eveing everyone,  Smile
Sightings from Hurlstone Park stn:

09.30: 8004 + 3 AK cars ex fuel point (XPT Depot)

09.31: 4401 l e to Delec *

09.33: 8040 + 30 wagons to Botany Y

09.54: GM22 + 44 ...

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