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Was there any intention of continuing metro 2 from where metro 1 finishes?? I ask, as I don’t think the TBMs were being removed from the tunnels? That being a probable, I would think IF metro 2 star ...

Posted 12 May 2021 05:33 in The Lounge by davesvline

It’s all subjective as to whether you fall/get pushed. Be it off a couch or stairs etc Laughing
How funny would it be if it was true?


Yup.... With this new development, one wonders whether the S will be next.?? It is (I think) the only loco left that SSR runs that Auscision either haven’t modelled OR announced that they will. One  ...

Posted 24 Apr 2021 08:04 in The Lounge by davesvline

Despite what you say Carnot, IMHO opinion, I’m sorry but despite the latest developments, I can’t see either this year or next (if an election was called) the public giving the government a belt,  ...

Saw 3 of them on a loaded coal train going to Branxton 2 days ago. With the observed coal traffic up there it’s probably the norm for those locos. Saw plenty of pairs and triples of 82 class as well ...

Here’s hoping Covid stays away and we can have the Caulfield expo.


Posted 19 Mar 2021 20:36 in Victoria by davesvline

Another non Pac Nat liveried grotty looking G class.

20+ yrs in that crap livery....... Clearly unloved.

Bit of paint Pac Nat, please??


Another shut up and take my money model(s). Couple this with the C and G, in 2021/2 from Auscision, coupled with the SDS T class due a similar time, and it’s to Vic modellers $$.

W ...

Posted 28 Feb 2021 14:30 in The Lounge by davesvline

To Valvegear’s question on why we need submarines at all???

It’s like the Army having tanks. We have them purely as a deterrent. OR put more simply we have them ONLY because others have them.

Ha ...

Well judging by the list Bevans linked, it’s owned by PacNat and operational. It doesn’t take a genius to scroll the list and see they have others stored, and then there’s the ones they have scr ...

Pity they don’t arrange a shutdown weekend whilst Covid has impact on passenger numbers and give the walls (and whatever else needing it) a damn good going over with the pressure sprayer to get rid  ...

Posted 06 Feb 2021 06:46 in The Lounge by davesvline

I understand those points guys.

What I’m getting at is, that regardless of being vaccinated, there’s still going to be the effect on those people (like those not vaccinated) to be randomly affect ...

Posted 05 Feb 2021 19:09 in The Lounge by davesvline

OK, pop quiz.................. The vaccination comes out, I go get doses 1 and 2, and on todays talk - supposedly, that's all I need?

So, as a vaccinated Aussie to Covid 19 (whatever TF variant we  ...

Posted 19 Jan 2021 18:27 in The Lounge by davesvline

To take a leaf from the Bad Santa movie.......

Trump will probably be remembered as an emotional cripple on policy, having a soul of dog sh/t, and every single thing he did or said publicly shows him ...

Out of interest guys, have you gone for DC or DCC??


That’s a very good question my man.

I hadn’t considered when the pre paid offer would expire.

That said, hopefully SDS apply the same approach Auscision do with notification via their Facebook  ...

I first met John at Liverpool in 97 when I was living in Sydney. Bought 2 of the C class (first Austrains Vic locos he did), and subsequently asked him if he’d consider doing others.

His response ( ...

Posted 24 Dec 2020 19:19 in The Lounge by davesvline

Concur wholeheartedly with the previous posts.


Ps, here’s also wishing a safe and enjoyable time for all, with hopefully a better 2021.

B class arrived. They run very nice.

With that standard of product, here’s  hoping they look at doing the 2nd and 3rd series X.

Getting to like the working marker lights compared to the pad pr ...

Excellent videos yet again. Thanks for sharing.

You’d have to think with more 645 turbos being reactivated, and unless there’s an upsurge in traffic, that this would also see a decrease in lowe ...


Thanks for posting.


Posted 21 Dec 2020 10:43 in Victoria by davesvline

Holy crap on the video.

Classic example of the bush local doing 80 in a 100 zone, thumb in bum/mind in neutral utterly oblivious to all going on around them. Add to that, infrequent train running wh ...

Traino (Bobs) has been quiet for some time. Even news on their website/faceache.

Does anyone have any idea on where they’re at/continuing on with other models/reruns??


Posted 20 Dec 2020 17:56 in The Lounge by davesvline

Good luck if it gets into Victoria and they want to lock the place down again.

You may well find there’s a great many who’ll say this time around the authorities can stick any rules and revisit ...

Me too, B class, collecting tomorrow.

Melbourne east.

Unfortunately I don’t see any surprise unannounced versions either.

Wouldn’t have minded B76 or B80 in Orange and Grey.


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