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Hi all,

I dream of having a photographic backdrop like the one Roger Lloyd did for Maryborough, but I also dream of having a scale layout of the station of Kaniva Victoria.

I know I can go get som ...

Thanks Dazz.

I had a look at your blog and WOW! Just what i want to do on so many levels!

I love the lighting idea, I guess I can use some artistic license and make a real life town's geographic ...

Thanks for the replies... Very very much appreciated!

Yes, you are correct that it will run east west... and yes, I was thinking of having the long "sun array", stage right, shining down the yard,  ...

Hi all,

I'm after advice I think, or at least people's experiences.

I wish to model a town in western Victoria that I frequented a whole lot as a kid and grew particularly fond of that late afte ...

Hi all.

I will preface this question with a statement to say that I have used the search function but without too much success.

In light of recent releases, is there anything that comes close to ...

Back to my original question, I was incorrect in regard to the speed at the up end of Kaniva in my photo... It was 70km/h as it was a yellow sign with black writing... But did VR have a written list o ...

Thanks for that. I really appreciated your reply and your time.

I only raised the question as I have a photo of an S class on a down goods, arriving into Kaniva and in the foreground is a yellow si ...

Hi all,

A long shot, but would anyone have, or know where to go to get speed board locations for say, Kaniva and thereabouts from the late 70s/early 80s? I'm trying to model the station as pro typic ...

Posted 22 Sep 2016 11:43 in Victoria by defman

Thanks all,

Looks like I didn't research my model loco purchase too well and assumed its running out west. Looks like I may have x31 for sale then.. I'm not a rivet counter but modellers license only ...


Wasn't sure if this was the thread to ask this question, but if a locomotive derails and has maybe only a couple of wheels derailed or maybe even a bogie off the tracks in a low speed type situ ...

Posted 20 Sep 2016 07:10 in Victoria by defman

Ok, thanks. Yes, I am aware of that.

The question was more about if the loco was ever on the western line as far as Serviceton in the late 70's...?

Posted 20 Sep 2016 06:43 in Victoria by defman

Hi all,

A simple question for the history buffs, did X31 make it out west in the late 70's upon delivery or was it always consigned to the north east?


Posted 12 Dec 2015 09:23 in South Australia by defman

Thanks for that, however, it implies that the Belair shutdown was happening to coincide with an existing ARTC shutdown..? Or are they one and the same?!

Posted 12 Dec 2015 08:37 in South Australia by defman

Anyone know what the reason is for the ARTC shut down?

Posted 05 Oct 2015 09:52 in South Australia by defman

Personally, I think the scenery is fantastic... Adelaide Hills in the morning sun, or early evening... The western Victoria grain belt is beautiful, the Grampians in the distance etc etc...

Most p ...

Posted 05 Sep 2015 11:28 in Victoria by defman

Hi all,

Not sure where to put this question so I settled for here.

Has anyone else bought one of these VR wings kits from ebay to mount on their walls? If so, what paints did you use to get the  ...

Hi all,

Has anyone repainted their Lima 8300 white with the blue ANR stencil?

I have seen a few of these on some 80's railway DVDs lately and I have a spare to give it a go.

Now I figure the white  ...

Posted 20 Feb 2015 16:08 in South Australia by defman

I'm sorry... And excuse my ignorance, but this all sounds very mathematical... But where is the human component in all of this errr... Surmising? Drivers haven't even been given a uniform update in a  ...

Posted 13 Oct 2014 09:09 in South Australia by defman

[quote="rwatts"]I don't believe any trains have been stabling overnight at Belair under the timetable that ends today (11th) - nor under the new timetable starting tomorrow. All down trains seem to be ...

Hi all

I have been going through old VR pics and trying to work out if those radio equipped decals were all the one size, or were the ones generally on the sides of the cab a little smaller. Looking  ...


Got my 2 A.N BL's and a V/Line G in the mail today. Gave them a good run at the club layout. They went pretty well, look alright too. Any other feedback from people?

My only minor gripe was that ...

[quote="poxbox3030"]Received on my twitter feed this morning from DPTI

"MILLSWOOD STATION UPGRADE TO BEGIN THIS MONDAY: a draft Belair timetable with the Station will B under consultation ahead of ...

Posted 16 Mar 2014 14:16 in South Australia by defman

Let me just put some corrections to your issues. Most of which are non-issues, as a driver, I mostly can run a Grange ontime.


As a fellow driver.. I defy ANYONE, to be able ...

Posted 20 Sep 2013 15:54 in Victoria by defman

[quote="Colonial boy"]A relative told me that they recalled a steam loco "falling over" at Kaniva and it was a big effort to restore every thing to normal.

Guessing this was late 50's to mid 60's (r ...

Posted 29 Aug 2013 20:14 in South Australia by defman

[quote="steam4ian"]The down Seaford platform looks like it only needs a toping and erection of a marque for ticket sales etc.

There is as yet no access to the up and Belair platforms.

From the e ...

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