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Posted 28 Sep 2021 21:54 in Victoria by duttonbay

How does the Dunolly turnout replacement get to be a feature of the project? Isn’t that routine maintenance?
I assume this means the turnout for Yelta or Korong Vale, with the  ...


We have a winner Korong Vale

Darcycammo has the road

Dave C

Hmm. Strictly speaking Korong Vale did not have "a signal box", it had two signal boxes. Being picky here, I know.

Car ...



Posted 28 Sep 2021 12:13 in Victoria by duttonbay

Bendigo Epsom stays at 80 km/h. --- That needs to go to at least 115 kph! NOW!

To shave two or three minutes off the timetable? Really?

I'll open with Murtoa

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla]Hardly planning for growth but crossing loops in Train Order territory are (or used to be) cheap and easily added until the signal engineers got involved.

But I suppose it was ...

Murrayville? The current station of the line between there and Panitya is unclear to me, but the VLine Train Operating Data shows a speed limit of 0 for that section, and lists Murrayville as an "Unat ...

Question: how does "tight gauge" make it cheaper?
It doesn't unless one saves money on stupidity as it costs extra money to rectify.
Fair enough. One could a ...

Question: how does "tight gauge" make it cheaper?

Meringur? Although again doesn't seem to meet the infrastructure criteria.

Posted 25 Sep 2021 13:50 in Signalling and Infrastructure by duttonbay

In 19 years time. I suspect it will happen sooner.

Can anyone here provide a link for the location of the station on bing maps or google ?
Maybe here (it is a station with Sirkeci in the name) ...

Without knowing anything about the facilties on offer, either before extending to Stony Crossing, or after the line was truncated back, but the station on the Murray at Gonn Ccrossing fits the first c ...



Sea Lake?



Burrumbeet Racecourse?


Staughton's Siding?

[quote=Gman_86][quote]myki Zones:

Gembrook – 2

Healesville – Regional 2/3

Warburton – Regional 2/3

Stony Point – 2

Mornington – 2

Whittlesea – 2[/quote]That doesn't necessarily mea ...

I never thought of the Gembrook being suburbna either, but that's where it sits in the VR pantheon of timetables (including public, as it appears in the 1939 suburban book.)

But Portland-North Por ...

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