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[quote=yueses]Hey all,

I have just been searching for information but I can't find anything recent.. what ended up happening with the Comeng & Hitachi models that were being made by different peopl ...

me too i a have a few northern W class bodies waiting for mechs so would be keen on kits

Posted 18 Feb 2013 13:10 in Victoria by glenncarter

It is excellent that these locos will now at least enter into various preservation groups as to there future its hard to speculate if they will become operational again or if they are simply used to k ...

Hello just wondering if there is any more on an re opening date for the museum according to the ARHS website there seems to be a lot of effort and good work in making it happen Thanks

Hi not looking to start another thead on grounded bodies but currently there is a panel out 1 ABE for sale on Ebay as i am researching this type of rollingstock in particular this class I would be in ...

I wonder if anybody knows where VR Guards van Z -ZL 1 is? did the body survive? I am currently doing a research program on this class of vehicle in particular the many build designs that occurred with ...

This issue also was a problem in Bendigo needless to say that Model Railways business is no longer here. There is a rule in the retail business

there is employer & employee and a successful bus ...

60 ABW is still located on an old farm at Ravenswood it can be seen up on the hill from the Calder

Search found 8 matches

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