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Posted 02 Dec 2014 23:26 in MSTS General Discussions by justin

Here is the link for the PTV Comeng, enjoy at your own leisure.

Posted 02 Dec 2014 23:23 in MSTS General Discussions by justin

I'd like to notify you all that the PTV Comeng is now complete, we do apologize for any delay in the production process due to personal life demands and lack of time.

It will be up on the download ...

[quote=X'Trapolis-904M]all i know is that They are testing it so it does not upset peoples pc like my Laughing

we were going to see it before xmas but it is taking longer

Melbourne sparks and just ...

Just Like When are you going to release it?
"Just Like when I finish it"  Does that like sound good to you? Laughing
This route is nearly finished, patience is a virtue, ...

have you got a update
Updates/Screenshots of Signals in Action?

Nice work. Will you be able to see the MCG from jollymont station? None the less this route looks amazing nice work Smile
Sort of but not just yet, Some station buildings have n ...

Posted 18 Nov 2013 16:22 in MSTS General Discussions by justin

Oh goodness me!

Noooo Acela cabview and Acela soundsets in this.

I made the soundset for this myself and I think you're going to be very impressed.

Cheers, Justin.

Almost ready for a beta release. Signalling Completed, everything is finally done, there are a few faults with signals that need to be fixed, our testers will find some solutions to that.

We just  ...

I am getting MSTS Sometime this week

PS can i Test it out



There is no beta/testing release available as of yet, let us advance into the project a little bit ...

[color=#333333][font=Open Sans', sans-serif]Just a small update, We have constructed steel beam gantries for the Lalor to Epping Section to match the early era of when the 1989 station opened alongsid ...

There is a big surprise and something else to also be included in this route that everybody is going to love! Something that has long since been abolished and turned into light rail Very Happy
Cheers, Ju ...

Are you doing spencer street?I thought was terminating at flagstaff,but great if you are!!
Yep, We've included Spencer Street and the Viaduct with South Bank predominately under co ...

The 5:53 Arrival into South Morang this evening was a Hitachi, didn't get the motor numbers but this train would've shunted off to Epping Yards tonight.

Cheers, Justin.

Hitachi's seem to be very neglected on the South Morang Line, not much activity, though they've been on the Hurstbridge Line for a few days this week.

Despite some South Morang's form Hurstbridge,  ...

Reservoir was once known as Preston-Reservoir!

Ive done deleting some consists you told me to delete, but there are still many error messages which say: Error reading database file 574M.ENG ... So on there are ...

Questions are pretty strait forward. Don't think too deep about what the answer could be. Answer as many as you can. Hopefully I did ok. I scored in the top 20% for ability ...

Unidentified set was reported to be near Greensboro in the Eltham/Hurstbridge Down Direction around about 1 pm this afternoon sighted from a friend.Cheers, Justin.

Mind if I ask what TLC stands for?Tender Loving Care! Cheers, Justin.

A bit of TLC will get these finished nicely, Me and Melbournesparks were going to make the T cup Comeng for the Epping Route when that gets completed. Cheers, Justin. 

A bit off topic, but perhaps it's worth locking this thread and starting a new one, to avoid a crash?Hmmmm, let me think about it! don't know if I can physically lock it myself on my end. I'll have to ...

According some senior management people at newport yards the Hitachi trains that are currently running will do for at least another 4 more years. So there is lots of time to photograph them.By the way ...

Posted 16 Nov 2012 16:12 in Melbourne suburban by justin

It doesn't actually raise any awareness of ways to prevent fatalities from happening. It only shows the stupidity of people who actually land themselves in these situations of death. To be honest I  ...

May I ask how the route's going?The Route is going alright, Comeng's are almost finished and almost at the stage of beta release. Once the Comeng's are done then we're back onto working on the route. ...

So, the thread title has 2011 in it, and it's now nearly the end of 2012. That's a project delay that would make the Victorian Government proud.We are however finally approaching some semblance of com ...

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