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Another Comeng transfer happened recently.

P16-18 hauled 301M-302M-303M-304M to North Shore on Saturday 28th.

Posted 17 Oct 2020 22:24 in Victoria by max_thum

To assist with the defective N class?  Can the HEP power bypass the A class in between?
Nope. A66 is being transferred back to Melbourne, inline for its future revenue services,  ...

Posted 17 Oct 2020 20:36 in Victoria by max_thum


A66 is back... had a feeling 66 would come back.


N-A66-BZN, ex-Bendigo 1254 and expected into SSS 1500. To be stabled and shunted accordingly.

Since Sunday, there has been extensive mainline testing undergoing for the HCMT. Between Pakenham East and Berwick at this moment. This included High Speed, Slow Speed, Acceleration and Braking tests. ...

VL80 recently got accredited. Did a few test runs to Ararat and Maryborough before doing some Geelong runs.

Under the night sky, E002 went out for its first mainline venture to Pakenham. It did a max speed of 40kph and has an 'Xtrapolis' horn?

VL80 onwards are supposedly are the Long Distance variant of the VLocity units. Rumour is first deployed onto Bairnsdale then the Shepparton, Warrnambool.

They are currently three cars long as sho ...

Posted 17 Sep 2019 12:03 in Victoria by max_thum

Friday 4th September 2020 to Sunday 6th September 2020: The GRAINLANDER to Sea Lake, steam & vintage diesel hauled.

707 Operations
707 has another grainlander coming up next year. Sea  ...

[quote=bevans]Might this have been the case because of an occupation of the RRL lines between Footscray and Sunshine or is this something which can be done when Vline require it?

[url=/news/s/tuesd ...

Posted 01 Sep 2019 18:06 in Victoria by max_thum

Another small update.

It's that time, the August/September timetable change for VLP. I had a read through every single timetable and it doesn't look like A66 isn't coming back anytime soon for rev ...

[quote=lkernan][url=] ...

[color=#1d2129][size=2][font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui, ]Heads up.[/font][/size][/color]

[color=#1d2129][size=2][font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui, ]ARTC has issued a TOC Wavier for ...

As of 12 August 2019, Metro Trains Melbourne has registered the HCMT into the WTT manual. Expect mainline testing to start soon.

"Registered for Testing only. No revenue services permitted. Vehicl ...

It’s funny how you say SRHC don’t lease there locos but both S303 and X31 are back out on hire to Qube and are meant to be picked up today apparently
All due respect, as a ...

As of 00.00 15 July 2019.

VL76-77-78-79 have been allowed to operate revenue services on the V/Line network. Expect to see them on Bacchus Marsh, Geelong, Waurn Ponds and Wyndham Vale.

[quote=Dangersdan707]I prefer the Thanos one I posted in the Scrapping thread. That no one seemed to understand...

[img][/img][ ...

Talking about S306-T400. As we speak, they will be moving down somewhere.


I guess something is happening.

Posted 07 Jun 2019 19:18 in Victoria by max_thum

Small update:

I've read that there has been confirmation that the EOI has been underway in regarding A60/62/70 but a final decision hasn't been made due to a much more pressing issue, VicTrack Heri ...

A71 is getting 'burn baby burn' treatment. She is going to be gone soon.

Posted 02 Jun 2019 18:37 in Victoria by max_thum

Doesn't look like the Sea Lake line is being converted anytime soon (maybe next year?), 707 Operations proposed for a tour down to Sea Lake. "

Posted 24 May 2019 09:49 in Victoria by max_thum

[quote=Dangersdan707][quote]Just a small update:

A71 awaiting scrapping.

A79 scrapped.

A78 at North Bendigo[/quote]Any Idea what's going to happen to A78? Left to rot in Bendigo or is it going ...

Posted 23 May 2019 10:00 in Victoria by max_thum

Just a small update:

A71 awaiting scrapping.

A79 scrapped.

A78 at North Bendigo

[quote=bartaxr8]Realistically speaking, what are the chances some parts from the scrapped A class could be secured for A60 or A62 IF required?

Is the fate of A71 and A78 the same as the rest of the ...


So which trains have tripcocks? I would be guessing the Comengs but what about the Siemens and Xtrapolis trains? I know that we also have TPWS grids which do the same thing bu ...

Trip-arm for the Trip-Cock on Metro Trains.

Trip-arm normally rises when the signal is indicating a danger aspect and if in contact of the trip-cock on the train passing the trip-arm, it will caus ...

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