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Kearney Rd, Aubigny. [-27.4734697  151.6727835]


I'll pay that. I took this to be the location of Tangkam however?

G'day all from freezing UK,

And M ...



Posted 22 May 2017 22:03 in NT by mdhughes

[quote=petan]This book might be of interest

The ARHS Bulletin has a series of articles which are available on their backcopy Bulletin DVD ...

Posted 22 May 2017 16:45 in NT by mdhughes


I think I have managed to work out how to insert my 2009 picture of the section cars at Larrimah to Railpage from Flickr. I just followed the instructions and copied and past ...

Posted 21 May 2017 17:41 in NT by mdhughes

[quote=The Vinelander]

Unfortunately, the financial position following the Brexit vote, and the removal of the cheap seats from the Indian Pacific, have not been designed to encourage me to revisit m ...

Posted 15 May 2017 04:20 in NT by mdhughes

[quote=LarrimahCommunityProjects]Hi Martyn, as a resident of Larrimah, i have been down to Birdum on our section cars and theres the remnents of the duplicate pub at the site where Birdum Hotel once s ...

Due to a health scare, I was unable to visit Australia in March, as I had planned. Hence I cannot help to keep the excitement going with any new archaeological wherizzits, as I had hoped.

Has anybo ...

I didn't realise that the Blue Mountain train is a double-decker. Now I have to decide whether to go up or down vertically and sideways! I am guessing that the upper deck is generally ...

Gordon, agreed, the view between tunnels is exceptional.
Good advice - I usually spend a lot of time before and during trips working out which side to sit for the most interest ...

Hi Gordon and Michael,

Very many thanks both for your very helpful advice. I had thought of getting off at Lithgow and starting from there. I will need to take the conditions on the day and before  ...

Hi Gordon,

Many thanks for your detailed and very helpful advice. The situation is as I had thought it might be. I had even realised after my first post that the circular struct ...

I hope you don't mind me joining this conversation but, by coincidence, it seems the most appropriate place to ask my question.

I am shortly to embark on my long-promised trip across Australia on t ...

[quote=bartaxr8]How about this:

[url=][img] ...

So how is the PC life support Rodo?

Any chance of a wherizzit to think about over Christmas from anybody?

Cheers and Merry Christmas from the UK.


[quote=GeoffreyHansen]Myself I'm 32 and I'm planning to do a red class trip from Sydney to Adelaide and Alice Springs next April. I'm stopping off at the Pichi Richi railway and I'm thinking about inc ...

I willpost something when my pc comes back from the repairman.
I hope your PC feels better soon!

Knew that one would go quickly. Over to you Alco251_244.
G'day all,

Is anybody there?

I can't help to keep the interest going from here in the UK  at the moment. I hope ...

[quote=wurx]Geez Surprised That guess was something of a what we call here at Railpage a [b]WSITD[/b] (wild stab in the dark). Had no idea that the dart would land smack in the bullseye.

The suggestion of ...

Eugowra branch, approaching Cowra?

Precisely! It is at the junction of Mulyan St and North Logan Rd, where the road jinks and crosses the branch.

This location featured  ...

Yass town.



Not Yass. But going in the right direction.

Far-ish north maybe? On closer inspection, that track does appear to be NG rather than SG...........

Don't be misled about the gauge here. It is SG - the appearance of NG is an ar ...

Not sure this is right, but reminds me of Bombala?

Not Bombala. Go north, young Wurx!

[quote=mdhughes]Many thanks, Wurx.

There seems to be a system problem at the moment. My offering is coming up as a complete blank. I will work on it but, in the meantime, if anybody else wants to p ...

Well some of us are still here Martyn.

Not quite a month has passed, so it's definitely open floor.

Please share your mystery pic with us Smile


Many thanks, Wurx.

There seems  ...

Where you said, and how you said.

Over to you John Smile


Calling John and all railway achaeologists.

Is anybody there?

I have a mystery photo to put up if nobody else has anyt ...

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