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[url=https://www.docum ...

[url=]Grant Goldman

In a capacious brick warehouse in the historic Eveleigh railway precinct, hundre ...

Posted 27 Jan 2017 16:21 in New South Wales by shaved and dangerous

We’re loco if we accept these standards on trains

HUGH LUNN The Australian12:00AM January 25, 2017

The time has come for all our politicians to stop flying expensively around the country and g ...

Lots of info and some pictures here [url=] ...

Excellent video.

This appears to be the consist: [url=]RM900 Ballast Cleaner

Saw V8 (I think, from memory) sitting in HMC sidings this morning.

Wasn't quick enough to get a picture unfortunately.

Any ideas what it was doing there?


It was there last n ...

Advertising is back on again both externally and internally but who? IIRC it's to be T126/T127 at HMC. Keep an eye out for it.

It is T127, internal adv ...

how does a student afford $4520.00The "student" they are targeting most likely can, as they would be in the Industry and have it funded almost entirely, if not completely.  I doubt RailSys' target ma ...

Major props to the guard on the 1740 Central - Gosford service that was stuck at North Sydney for 1hr 45 minutes. Kept us constantly updated on developments, suggested alternate transport via buses, a ...

Aren't they actually 620 class railmotors?

Sure are, passed them about 2 hours ago.

Is this related to the 'Station Litter Limits' stencils that are on stanchions at stations on the Northern / North Shore lines eg. Wahroonga & Beecroft?

Love the one looking down the escalators with the white surrounds, it's like something out of the movie 2001.

The first one looks like he was standing on the roof of the old Ultimo Post Office.   In the second photo,  the building on the right is the old Power station,  now the museum.

I am rather puzzled  ...

Posted 06 May 2009 15:12 in Sydney Suburban by shaved and dangerous

Slightly O/T but what happened to the plan to run V sets in as 3 car trains?

I recall there was work done to some carriages (moving batteries?)  to enable them to be marshalled as D-T-D, but I've ne ...

Thanks for these, I've always enjoyed your pictures.

Pardon my ignorance but what is a steam loco safety loop?


Back in the day I think the race trains may have been 10-car red rattlers?

Re the signals surrounded by the fence, there is a similar setup at the Sydney end of Gordon platform 2.

Check today's date...

Thanks for the photos Greg, excellent as always. Just a question - do you have any idea how much an assembled turnout like that would weigh? Or do you know what the lifting capacity is of the crawler? ...

This might have been the returning 5.30pm Central - Gosford via Strathfield service which was a 4-car OSCAR today - normally it's a car V-set. Not sure why it would have been returning to Hornsby thou ...

There was a line of wagons in there this morning at 7.30, no idea what the motive power was.

It was still there just after 6pm, Helga (or one of her sisters) was on the front of the lead train. A couple of guys in hi-vis vests were standing in the carpark behind one of the car dealers on Penn ...

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