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I'm not saying the staff should be doing something else, but if cartwheels are the best use of their time, then I think that says we have too many staff.
One of the duties of sta ...

[quote=msct095]Personally I have noticed that there are a lot of staff standing around doing not much. This is not meant to be a statement about how well they work, just an observation that there are ...

Sorry I don't know outside Sydney Trains. I did some googling and that was no help. The only thing I can suggest is you contact the company that's hiring and ask them.

Keep your eye on here.

If you're going for a job employed directly by Sydney / NSW Trains , as a driver, guard, station attendant, cleaner, if  ...

[quote=smithagain][color=#333333][size=1][b]Northern Line - Partial Closure[/b][/size][/color]

[color=#333333][size=1]The T1 Northern Line is partially closed from Epping to Hornsby due to urgent o ...

[color=#333333][size=1][b]Northern Line - Partial Closure[/b][/size][/color]

[color=#333333][size=1]The T1 Northern Line is partially closed from Epping to Hornsby due to urgent overhead wiring rep ...

Thank you dthead and gordan s for the replies. Very helpful.

I heard a news report that said , in instances like this the equipment is designed to derail. Can anyone confirm this?

Current at 06:49, 19 October

T3 Bankstown Line  - Partial Closure

The T3 Bankstown Line is partially closed between Sefton and Cabramatta for trains coming out of the city only due to th ...

[quote=Aurora8]It is all from the same thing. Alot of backend signalling equipment was destroyed by the fire so until the new replacement equipment is installed, signals and points between Bexley Nort ...

[quote=4203][b]T2 Airport Line - Delays[/b]

Passengers travelling on the T2 Airport Line are advised to allow additional travel time after a small fire damaged signal equipment at Kingsgrove. Passen ...

[quote=4203][b]South Coast Line - Partial Closure[/b]

The South Coast Line is partially closed in both directions between Wollongong and Dapto due to a car and train accident at Unanderra Buses are ...


You seemed to be ill-informed. A email came out at midday today in regards VR for Sydney Trains Station Staff. This includes CSA and DMs.

M ...

Here is a recent article from SMH, about the new "T" signs. Not surprisingly hardly anyone likes the new signs. ...

[quote=Piston]What birdbrain in the Sydney Train organisation came up with "T" symbol? They go and change a perfectly accepted sign showing a train image outline with the letter "T".

Now the one ou ...

[quote=KRviator]Therein lies the problem though, as you've identified, blokes may have been specifically [i]excluded[/i] from a position, who may have been better qualified or suited to the job, becau ...

The NSW RTBU recently released some figures.

RTBU Female membership by division

Admin 23.5%

Locomotive  4.6%

Bus & Tram  5.6%

Rail Operations  23.6%

Infrastructure  1 ...

Does the transport minister of NSW actually ride the train to work?
Not any more. Farewell Gladys. You will be missed  - not.

Ticket sales will now be concentrated at the Show itself. Crazy.

Scenario: lets go to the Easter Show, we haven't bought tickets but that's Ok we can buy them at the train station like last year - ...

Last night about 7pm there was a partial closure at Glenfield, due to a person injured by a train. Apparently travelling between carriages on a C set and fell.

Posted 04 Mar 2015 00:39 in Sydney Suburban by smithagain

No. To qualify for the family fare deal, at least one adult must have a paper ticket.
You may be technically correct, but it's not happening in reality. It's happening as I said ab ...

Posted 03 Mar 2015 12:28 in Sydney Suburban by smithagain

I have discussed this with other staff and we concluded: in a family group if the adult has an Opal, then only one child needs a ticket which can be a paper ticket. All other children in the group don ...

I have re-read the thread and am still unable to see where the acronyms have been defined. (We do not all live in Sydney in case you were not aware.)
You are correct they  ...

Just like the feedback was taken into account for the new uniforms.
Ha! Exactly. I seriously doubt any station staff or crew ever suggested orange and grey polyester!
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