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Does anyone have a copy of this show as

I would really like to see it

But it cannot be found anywhere online

Willing to pay for shipping etc


Sorry if this has been posted before

B ...


Don't feel like creating a new post about this

seeing this is appropriate for it

Tangara V2 - Released

- Throttle has 4 notches

- Brakes apply/release faster Openrails

- Doors no longer grey  ...

That was my intention facing the down direction with an Up service

Open floor

Casula Down direction

Between Wollstonecraft - Waverton

Don't have any so Open Rail or whatever it was

Waterfall looking towards the platform in the Up direction

Posted 02 Feb 2014 22:16 in Sydney Suburban by snowy446

I would love to be a tester for this

Let me know when I can

Be happy to help the project


I know this was posted a while ago

But does anybody have this or know where i can obtain it

As i heard about it at Petersham

Been looking for it


Sorry for repost

Posted 15 Jan 2014 20:04 in Sydney Suburban by snowy446

Does that mean That M,H,A's will travel on the Countrylink Speed boards the white ones

Posted 11 Dec 2013 14:09 in MSTS Routes by snowy446

Doesn't Work as the site is shut down

Posted 11 Dec 2013 12:47 in MSTS Routes by snowy446

Any hotfile link on Steam4me doesn't work anymore is there any other place i can get Main Illawarra V3


I will see what I got tomorrow as for now I'm going to sleep

Goodnight All

I will go Fassifern

Posted 20 Jul 2013 11:11 in Sydney Suburban by snowy446

Anyone noticed that the Hunter Line is now part of the Intercity network on the Sydney Trains website

It's no longer Regional

Posted 07 Jul 2013 15:56 in Sydney Suburban by snowy446

I have PM'd you Watson with details


Posted 05 Jul 2013 11:19 in Sydney Suburban by snowy446

Thank you very much for taking the time to do so

Either PM me

Or my email which I  will tell you through PM

Posted 02 Jul 2013 21:38 in Sydney Suburban by snowy446

Feel free to send me a copy I will keep it only for use by me

I have wanted to create my own personal announcements for use in train simulator

P.S Personal Use only


Then it has to be Rooty Hill

Yep you got it

Really beautiful place as well

Hardish one where is the station in the background


Posted 29 May 2013 11:52 in Sightings by snowy446

I just witnessed 2x93's go past over the Meadowbank bridge heading north

Is that normal

What are their specifications to e.g. HP

I play it very frequently

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