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Posted 19 Sep 2021 16:58 in New South Wales by theanimal

[quote=LowndesJ515]Track is actually under a Local Possession Authority from Penny's Road to Camurra.

SAFE Notice 2021

Number: 2-4769

Amendment 1

Pennys Road to Camurra

To be read in conjun ...

Posted 19 Sep 2021 15:47 in New South Wales by theanimal


Just remember in all this ARTC's Speed is what is in the RAS (Route Access Standard). Do ya homework people.Is this a good time to mention that the line north of Gunnedah i ...

Posted 18 Sep 2021 14:28 in New South Wales by theanimal

Just remember in all this ARTC's Speed is what is in the RAS (Route Access Standard). Do ya homework people.
Is this a good time to mention that the line nor ...

[quote=simstrain]Sydney trains is always like this unlike in Victoria where you have no idea where a train might be going even without a breakdown. Bi directional signalling helps in being able to red ...

Thank you for the advice.

Are those signals CTC from Adelaide or are they automatics ?


Generally no, the system of safeworking is Train

Orders, therefore no provision f ...

Is Tarcoola installed with coloured light signals and if so are there colour light signals between Tarcoola and Port Augusta ?
Yes there are colour light signals, Tarcoola ha ...

Posted 30 Jun 2021 13:30 in Queensland by theanimal

[quote=Cato56]Oh look, ARTC should have just hired some foamer instead of Lockheed Martin to developed ATMS ( not that they haven't screwed the pooch either), given he seems to think he has all the an ...

Posted 29 Jun 2021 16:46 in News by theanimal

[quote=8502]Goulburn is a dinning car from the VR days I can see but how many dinning cars did VR have on the network?

[url=/news/s/july-work-week]July Work Week[/quote]Most people spell it as a DI ...

In general, marker lights only within the Sydney Metropolitan area, no headlights.

[quote=justarideR]The point is there is no "door".

The screens move along to match the train. Probably an inside track and outside track to do a quick shuffle.

Advantage is, it does not matter w ...

[quote=justarider][quote]The new metro tunnel stations will have platform screen doors for HCMT trains. Wonder if the new X'Trapolis 2.0 trains can have the same door positions as the HCMT? Then they ...

You'll have drivers' complaints.
We solved that problem with the Sydney Metro.

Posted 20 Jun 2021 19:13 in The Lounge by theanimal

What on earth are you talking about?
Are you picking on freightgate because he is semi-literate?

[quote=TrainMan48class]Hello, Does anyone know the yearly incomes of Adelaide Metro drivers? the ones who do no overtime to the ones that do a lot of overtime? I heard they are on an aggregate of $95k ...

The Canberra XPL should terminate at Goulburn and be run as a shuttle service between Goulburn and Canberra.

Do you think that there are sufficient intending passengers in Goulbu ...

[quote=djf01][quote]In the mid to late 70's we lived at Manly, mum didn't drive and has a sister who still lives in Miranda.

Sometimes we would bus it to St Leonards and train from there changing a ...

Why are you posting to every news article ?
Possibly struggling for relevance?

Posted 01 Jun 2021 20:55 in News by theanimal

Again you have posted a link to an article that is 16 years old, what has changed?

A date would in some circumstances make your post more relevant, however in this point case, point out how irrelevan ...

Considering that this occurred on 12 April 2021 do you feel that it might improve the readability of your post by including a date?

You do realise that event occurred 3 1/2 years ago and the report has been issued and discussed ad nauseam?

Perhaps a link to the ATSB report might provide some clarity?

https://www.atsb.g ...

[quote=ANR]It will always be looked at again and again with every election cycle.

I think if they rebuild it, people will use it, especially in the snow season. With faster internet, people may eve ...

it is not re-opening a line, there never was a line.

Posted 17 May 2021 19:03 in The Lounge by theanimal

Don't forget to bring your own sandpaper.


Good to see that the Government is teaching them a skill.

Probably appropriate in Victoria where the population seem happy to live in  a repressive regime.

May I suggest that the plans be forwarded to WA where there seems to be a similar mindset?

[quote=Valvegear]I do wish that people would learn to differentiate between a straightforward derailment (i.e. the train on its own), and a collision with another vehicle which causes the train to lea ...

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