Which camera do you currently use?

  Scooter_Guy Chief Train Controller

Location: Adelaide, SA. Suburb: Redwood Park
The cameras that I currently use is my Nintendo DSi (which doesn't have flash Sad ) and a Panasonic VDR-D150 DVD camcorder, which has great features including 'wind reduction'.

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  Highrailer Assistant Commissioner

Location: Somewhere out on the track......anywhere around the country
Kodak P850, plenty of buttons/feature etc. It has a 12 x optical zoom Schneider lense & after a couple of years of use im still learning how to drive it.
  lsrailfan Chief Commissioner

Location: Somewhere you're not
Am currently using Olympus FE-210, I need to upgrade urgently , this one has no zoom, No nothing   Sad - although I have taken good photos with it - (might get mum to get me one for Christmas) Very Happy

Kind Regards
  3foot6 Minister for Railways

Location: Unknown
Canon 50D with Canon 24/105 F/4 L.
  Scooter_Guy Chief Train Controller

Location: Adelaide, SA. Suburb: Redwood Park
I first started using the Panasonic VDR-D150 at the '06 Royal Adelaide Show, on my Sweet 16th birthday! Razz
  snowy446 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Somewhere on a train
Panasonic DMC-TZ11 Lumix
  Raichase Captain Rant!

Location: Sydney, NSW
Canon 400D, usually with a 17-85mm lens, although the camera is showing it's age, it still performs far better than I could expect it to, and I hope it continues to perform well into the future!
  G516 Chief Commissioner

Location: Somewhere at Steamrail
I use a Canon 1000D for pictures and for videos i use a Nikon Coolpix L6 or my JVC Everio HD of some sort. They are all reasonably great.
  Ballast_Plough Chief Commissioner

Location: Lilydale, Vic
Canon 350
  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
Kodak Easyshare Z710. 10X zoom with a 38-380mm lens. Had it for nearly 3 years now. A great camera.
  Sydney_Gunzel Chief Commissioner

Location: The Red Lines.
Fujifilm S1000fd, works well for all I need it to but is a little slow for sports etc.
  S 301 Chief Commissioner

Location: in front of the computer
Olympus C5050-Z

It's a compact camera, with the functions of an SLR effectively, including RAW format and manual mode (pretty close to full manual mode actually). Has an F1.8 lens, with 3x optical zoom (digital zoom disabled on mine), and can take an extension tube onto which various filters can be mounted (including a nice little semi fish eye...).

Taken some great shots with it, but being 5 years old it's starting to give out. Got a few dead pixels on it, that show up on long exposures. Not good for model railway shots Sad

That said, I'm looking at having a 7D by next year SmileSmile

  pheonics The Gardener

Location: Meal room with a hot cuppa
* Canon 40D
* Canon 17-55mm Lens
* Canon 28-300mm Lens

*Sony HVR-V1P HDV MiniDV.
  Z1NorthernProgress2110 Chief Commissioner

Location: Burnie, Tasmania
Canon 40D and 50D, Canon 400D, couple of lenses. Love to get a vid cam soon though, next year i reckon.
  richardlu_yy Chief Train Controller

Location: Singapore
Canon EOS 350D
EF-S 17-85mm f/4.0-5.6 IS USM
EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 IS
EF 50mm f/1.8 II
EF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 IS USM
EF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III

Hoping to upgrade to a 7D with 15-85 soon. My old camera's AF is dying... Sad
  S 301 Chief Commissioner

Location: in front of the computer
Just further to my last post, since I was a bit rushed...

My current cameras (beyond the Olympus C5050-Z) are:

Canon 50D (actually my dad's but I use it a fair bit as well) with a number of lenses, including a Canon 70-200 2.8 L, a Tokina 11-16 2.8 (I think it was), and a few others.

Minolta SRT-101 (yep, film...) with a number of lenses including a 50mm (f2.8), 58mm (f2.8), 24mm (f2.8), a 200mm (f4 for this one I think), a 400mm (F4 I think), and another two lenses that I can't remember. Also got a converter ring to allow all of our Minolta lenses to be used on the Canon 50D (and soon the 7D), including a focus confirm system.
Currently used for B&W photography.

Minolta XD-7 (yep, another film camera), with the same as above (not really used, to be used for yet more B&W photography).

Plus a few other old cameras scattered around the house that get the odd use Smile

So yeah, bit of a collection, but great fun, especially the film. SmileSmile
  AclassGunzel Deputy Commissioner

My current gear:

Camera Bodies:
Nikon D2X
Nikon D300
Nikon D40x
Nikon D1x
Nikon F5 (film)
Fujifilm E900

Nikon Lens:
70-210 f/4-5.6
18-200mm VR f/3.5 – f/5.6
70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 G
80-400mm f/4-5.6 VR
50mm f/1.4

Camera Support:
Velbon CX 560 Traveler Tripod
Manfrotto 680B Monopod
Manfrotto 488RC0 Ballhead


Nikon SB-800 Flash

Digital Film

1 Sandisk Extreme III Compact Flash 8GB Card
1 Sandisk Extreme III Compact Flash 4GB Card
1 Sony Compact Flash 133x 2GB Card
2 Sandisk SDHC 4GB Cards
1 USB 2.0 Laser RAW Reader

Camera Bags
1 Lowepro Street & Field 13 Belt System
1 Lowepro Toploader 75AW case
1 Lowepro Nova 1 AW case
1 Lowepro Edit 100 case
1 Lowepro TX 20 case
1 Tamrac CyberPack8 Camera Backpack

Canon iP1800
Canon CanoScan LIDE 500F scanner

Hoya 72.0s/52mm Multi-Coated Polarizing filters
Hoya 72.0s ND4 Neutral Density filter
MB-10 Battery Grip for the D300
WD Elements Multimedia Storage Unit
2 Maxtor OneTouch4 500GB Hard Drive
  Gwiwer Rt Hon Gentleman and Ghost of Oliver Bulleid

Location: Loitering in darkest Somewhere
Not in that league, sorry!

The regular camera still uses film (remember film?) and is a Minolta Dynax 60 with matched 28x100 and 75x300 lenses, a filter or two and a couple of bits and pieces.

For instant gratification ( Shocked ) usually in fair to good conditions (though it works just as well in the dark and poor light) I also use a now elderly Olympus C300 point n shoot which, thanks to its quality lens, has produced some superb results including exhibition entries.

You don't have to have a trailer-load of pro gear for that great shot.  Though it sometimes helps  Laughing
  heisdeadjim Chief Commissioner

I currently have a basic Fujifilm s5800.

Looking to step in to a DSLR. No idea where to start. I'm looking at a catalogue right now, there's a Sony DSLRA380Y, as an example.

Where does one start?
  Gwiwer Rt Hon Gentleman and Ghost of Oliver Bulleid

Location: Loitering in darkest Somewhere
Many start with the question "What do I want the camera to do for me?" then match their budget to the most suitable model.

If you can get to Michaels in the City or another good camera specialist (not Teds - with respect I do not call them a specialist as they are really only after your money) you should be able to discuss your circumstances and aspirations before reaching a decision.
  heisdeadjim Chief Commissioner

Ok, good points. I guess I'd like to become more proficient at basic photography skills.
  AclassGunzel Deputy Commissioner

Any camera can take a good shot, some just allow you to be more creative. I still go out and shoot with my very first film camera a $35 Kodak S100 from the '80's!!! Most of my early rail stuff was taken on that camera. If I was to start out again looking for a good entry level DSLR I'd pick up a Nikon D5000 some pro's are using it as a back up camera, it has help menus, many auto functions and it is feels nice in the hand! As Gwiwer mentioned Michaels in city is a great place to start but also check out Camera Exchange (good for second hand gear save $$$$) and Camera House in Elizabeth St
  Guss Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane
I use a Pentax K200D - a great camera!!!

I've got several lenses.

For someone looking for a good starter DSLR, look into the new Pentax K-x - getting great reviews on High ISO performance and has many features of the higher spec K-7.
  GrahamH Chief Commissioner

Location: At a terminal on the www.
Mostly Canon A550 and occasionally Minolta SRT100.
  S 301 Chief Commissioner

Location: in front of the computer
Well GrahamH, you've beat me with my SRT101 Razz

Must say, the SRT101 is a great camera to use! Smile Have you thought of using the SRT100 for black and white photography lately? Smile


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