Henrys Railway Gallery V3

  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria
Hey all!

Henrys Railway Gallery has just gone through a whole new upgrade..

Check it out here:


**Please note.. More things are being changed and added everyday!.. Im fiddling around with the gallery at this stage and should work soon but for now use this link to see:**


Any comments/complaints/suggestions ect.. Just ask!

P.S 109 views in 24 hours.. Though remember. Tweaking is still happening if it crashes or something fails let me know! Very Happy

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  nr1_r761_s300 Train Controller

Location: Where ever the wild wind blows....
Limited Edition prints?

Brace yourself... Im gonna sound like a dick so don't take this the wrong way...

I admit, 75% of your photo's are excellent, but no body is perfect, my photo's are terrible so don't bother criticising them, but $300? Seriously? Who would pay that?

$100 maybe... and HRG stamp of approval? 

Over all the site looks good, but the format and over all tone of what you've shown is nearly fascist...

The purpose of this post is not to insult you personally just to ask that you tone the whole thing down a bit.

Keep up the good photography though!


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