Miscellaneous VIC sightings # 2

  Greensleeves Chief Commissioner

Location: If it isn't obvious by now, it should be.
Some Streamliner action from yesterday on the 5'3"


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  Crossover Train Controller

Location: St. Albans Victoria
I was unable to obtain a photo but today I spotted a SPENO Rail Grinder unit ( I Think ) . It as parked on the maintenance siding just north of Albion station .I wonder if anyone knows where it will be working in the near future ?
  Contrillion Junior Train Controller

Location: Geelong, Victoria
Spotted P17-P18 at Lara hauling Metro Xtraps 98M et. al. as well as a flatbed wagon and some special car on the back. Guards van/track recording car/power van?
  potatoinmymouth Chief Commissioner

Some reports on Facebook this morning that a pair of SSR Ts were spotted on their way down to Warrnambool last night, presumably for driver training/accreditation. Anyone got any intel on why they might be doing that?
  Greensleeves Chief Commissioner

Location: If it isn't obvious by now, it should be.
Two months after the first QUBE grain to Birchip on SG, they've sent the first EL Class loco there accompanied by 8030, 872 and 8044.

  vlocity27 Junior Train Controller

Location: Pakenham
P12 in Warragul Yard today with a heap of equipment taped all around it. Looked like it was being run by aliens.

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