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Who/ or what are AO'S - Are they the same as Transit Police?

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Similar. It's short for Authorised Officer.
They seem to engender the same amount of mindless abuse from people in Victoria that Transit Police get in NSW.
"Sir Thomas Bent"

Ours are called Transit Officers, and they're apparently being relegated to the role of revenue protection only, with the security function being taken over by a unit of the state police. Transits cop an unbelievable level of abuse from people with problems with authority, and their job is shockingly thankless. I will not, however, vent my opinions on how things are structured in NSW as this isn't the thread for it.

It's not hard to comply and make things easy, but there will always be the types who have problems with any kind of authority and will consistently pick fights with officers. There will also be the types to cause trouble on forums, and dare I say that these two types overlap to an extent.

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Nice steerage of the original topic to the one which was locked elsewhere.

You've had your say, and this is as far as it goes. Anymore broaching the subject about thread locking; AO's misconduct, or indeed thread hijacking (and your own at that) will result in a warning of over 50% depending on what my mood is at the time.



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