WTB "Rails To Rubicon"

  Dunxy Beginner

Hi guys,

Long time lurker,not much of a poster.

I REALLY desire a copy of the book in the title, can't find it for sale.

Anybody got a copy they want to part with? WIlling to pay good coin.

Reply or just pm me.


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  duttonbay Minister for Railways

It's long out of print, and a quick search through my bookmarked second-hand book seller sites comes up a blank.

I can tell you that the LRRSA are in the process of having the book reprinted, but it is a slow process. It's slated for a 2013 release, however I think that next year is more likely.

  CAP_gauge Junior Train Controller

Preparation of the reprint is underway, but it is not likely to be ready until next year.

The accuracy and completeness of the text has stood up to the test of time, and there are unlikely to be any changes. However due to developments in the printing process the reproduction of the photographs will probably be better. It is also possible we may add some colour to some of the maps.


  Dunxy Beginner

Thanks for the replies guys!

I look forward to purchasing the reprint with much gusto Wink
Went for a bit of a cruise in the area last week, didn't find the particular spot I was searching for ( I actually have ulterior motives, looking for a good camping/ fishing  spot found when doing the archaeology thing many years ago)  and  didn't see much of interest to you guys here.

I suspect the place I'm looking for MAY be on or near by Tom burns  road, if anyone on here is intimately familiar with the area I'd love to chat, I'm sure you would know this place.

Landmarks as follows

Sawmill site with boiler and winding engine on big sawdust pile.

Shagged drovers hut nearby to a good camp spot practically circled by a river or creek.

Witching easy walking distance down either the edge of a river or old easement ( I forget) passing a loco,stationary or traction engine boiler on the way and arriving at a 2 room ( mud brick from memory ) hut complete with fireplace.

I'm pretty sure I found a pic on google images of the winding engine and boiler mentioned, but there was no location information mentioned unfortunately, haven't been able to find it since either...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know I I had a copy of th book I could sure find this place!

Heading back there tomorrow.

  CAP_gauge Junior Train Controller

Hello Dunxy,

It might be a good idea if you were to ask your question on the LRRSA Yahoo Group:


You do not have to be an LRRSA member to join that group, and I believe it has members who are very familiar with the Rubicon area.



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