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  Bird77 Chief Train Controller

Location: Laidley, QLD
Acacia Ridge this Morning: 21/06/2014

Was a busy morning down at the Ridge (Acacia Ridge Yards)

In attendance was 42107, LDP003, 6003 and 42206, as well as an Unidentified 2800 all stabled, plus a few up the back of the Yards...


07:20am - Aurizon - 2335 and 2351 - Light Engine Movement - From Sidings just north of Big Crane to the Back of the Yards.

Then at

08:25am - Aurizon - 2802 - Intermodal/Container Service - Arrived - Train No: Y776 - Acacia Ridge Yards


Pacific National's NR53 was Shunting at the Yards...

Plus heard some Clyde Horns leaving the Yards around 09:00am...

Hope it is of Interest... Anyone wanted a photo of the Bull-Dog while it is in Brisbane, it's in the perfect place, if you have a telephoto lens...



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  Bird77 Chief Train Controller

Location: Laidley, QLD
Just a couple of sightings this week, due to a few incidents at home, some bad some awesome, but here are my sightings!

Brisbane Sightings - 28.06.2014 - 29.06.2014


07:00am - Aurizon - 2810 - Intermodal/Container Service - Acacia Ridge Bound - Train No: Y776 - Rocklea


07:50am - Aurizon - 2330D and 2321D - Loaded Coal Service - Port Bound - Train No: 9875? - Yeerongpilly

08:20am - Aurizon - 2389 and 1746 (Original QR Colour Scheme) - Empty Cattle Service - Northbound - Train No: 6WC3 - Yeerongpillly

Also of Interest two Empty Cattle Rakes, sit a Clapham Yards as of 08:30am this Morning, One Full Length, One Half Length, of course one will be 6EC1.

Decided to head back out this morning for a second go and here is what I saw:

Brisbane Sightings - 29.06.2014
10:35am - Aurizon - 2802 - Intermodal/Container Service - Northbound - Train No: Y279 - Salisbury

The above service will sound great through Central as 2802 sounds more like an ALCo...

10:45am - Aurizon - 2498H and 1753 - Light Engine - Clapham Bound - Train no: ? - Salisbury

Also of interest, just heard another set of Clyde horns leaving the Ridge at 10:10am

Hope it is of Interest...

All photos can be seen here: Some older ones as well



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