C Class Diesel - Realistic Tonnage

  blacktails1985 Station Master

Hi, Im playing TRS2006 and need some help with the above.

In my scenario, I have 3x C class pulling 6400 tonnes and I need to know if they can handle it or if they will need some or a lot of help.

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  KRviator Moderator

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How much you can pull with any particular loco will depend (mostly) on the gradient on which you're trying to pull it. A single C varies from 3032 tonnes on level terrain to as little as 822 tonnes up a 1:40 (think Cowan Bank/Ardglen). If you're trying to pull ~2150 tonnes each, the steepest grade you can work over will be 1:105, which will put you right on your 6400 tonne limit for a triple.
  blacktails1985 Station Master

I just tried it in Cab Mode from a start on completely level terrain. It takes a bit to get going. Sometimes it seems to
Stop but going up another notch keeps it going. Theres no Coupler breakage although this thresold is larger on my scenario, so it may well be inaccurate. The train picks up speed slowly and levels off around 48kph.

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