Railway Employment - Criteria and Requirements

  blacktails1985 Station Master

What exactly do I need to get in order to be able to do a rail job?

I was looking at a Train Cleaning job, and it said I required a type of card that grants me access into the corridor.

I think I needed a special type of medical to the course to get the card, and get an ABN as well, as I am an individual and apparently these jobs only go to sub-contractors or independent workers.

Any help filling in the gaps would be much appreciated.

This is for NSW, and Id probably just be looking for cleaning job approval first, but if you could let me know what you need to do for a guard or driver job, that info would be good too.

One last thing, I do have a criminal record, but not for vandalism or theft. Just being honest, as Id like to know if that will be an issue for me if I try to get rail employment.

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  smithagain Junior Train Controller

Keep your eye on here. http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/sydneytrains/careers

If you're going for a job employed directly by Sydney / NSW Trains , as a driver, guard, station attendant, cleaner, if successful they will train you for the position and you get issued with the rail safety worker card as part of your job.  Medicals , police checks etc are all arranged by Sydney/NSW Trains. It's hard to get in , you have to compete with a lot of others for any position and the process can be very long and drawn out.
  blacktails1985 Station Master

Okay but I have noticed other rail jobs that need the card as a prerequisite. I dont think they are sydney trains though.
  smithagain Junior Train Controller

Sorry I don't know outside Sydney Trains. I did some googling and that was no help. The only thing I can suggest is you contact the company that's hiring and ask them.
  Spiritman Train Controller

Location: Camden, NSW

If driving is your passion then there aren't any prerequisites but many candidates competing for precious few jobs. I completed a "Safeworking" course with an RTO in 2013 and in the 3 years I was job hunting I can honestly say it was a waste of money.

A criminal record may be an issue especially if it involves driving offences as there is "0" tolerance for alcohol or drug use,  additionally as driving involves maintaining safe line speeds at all times then too many speeding fines may hinder your chances as well.

Have patience and highlight safe working in your resume especially if you have experience with machinery and good luck!

  theanimal Chief Commissioner

suggest you look at http://www.railindustryworker.com.au

for jobs where you might be working for a contractor organisation, this seems to be where they are heading

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