New book - Ulverstone to Nietta railway, Tasmania

  billyboy Station Staff

Location: Footscray Victoria & Ulverstone Tasmania
I have published my 133 page book 'Methanga to Nietta - A History of the Ulverstone to Nietta Railway'
which covers in detail the story of this now almost forgotten line. It recalls the public meetings of the 1890s, the construction in 1913-15, the operation, to the closure in 1955, of this rural branch. Photos, maps, graphs, tables add to the fascinating story of the struggle which was built after an initial aborted survey and managed to survive through the depression and two worlds wars.
The local Ulverstone lines to the wharf, PWD & fuel depots and the vegetable processing works are included. The final chapter allows the reader to retrace the route of the line through West Gawler, North Motton and Preston to Nietta.

Price is $30 including postage within Australia.

Enquires to me at

Bill Field

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  Jordy728 Beginner

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