Locals want decision on fate of North East Rail Trail

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  Nightfire Minister for Railways

Location: Gippsland
Does Launcstion have station that can be used by tourist trains ?

Not really.  I've caught railmotors from Inveresk before, but that was a long time ago and was basically ground level access in a carpark.
The track from East Tamar Junction and Inveresk looks very run down.

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  RTT_Rules Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Dubai UAE
There hasn't been much effort to provide platforms etc in L'ton. Most HR trips I've caught is ground based as stations have mostly been removed.

There is i think a platform of sorts at Lillydale, but needs a bit of work. Only left there is a loop.

Scottsdale had/has a nice yard and station, but now no train will run there again.

I think the trip to Lillydale is tourist friendly as it's an all day trip to Scotsdale return and something that many a tourist is likely to avoid for thos reason. Lillydale is probably 1h or so each way..
  Rossco T Chief Train Controller

Location: Camberwell, Victoria
Final report is out:

The result is: Support rail Launceston to Lilydale and trail from Lilydale Falls to Scottsdale.
I have re-posted the link as the one above no longer seems to work.


  bevans Site Admin
  Rossco T Chief Train Controller

Location: Camberwell, Victoria
I find the following recommendations in the report interesting:

Ensures that, where possible, the rail trail is co-located within the rail corridor and that rail infrastructure is not removed unless necessary for construction of the rail trail.
Final Report


Ensures that any sections of the North East Railway that are not repurposed for use as a rail trail be retained where safe to do so particularly the section of line between Lilydale and Wyena in order that this section of line could be restored in future in the event that a heritage train becomes viable.
Final Report
It is like they are hedging their bets!

I wonder how much of the track would not be necessary to remove for the construction of the trail.


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