Route 30 replaced by route 12

  route14 Chief Commissioner

You'll need more vacant route numbers to do it.

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  doyle Deputy Commissioner

Hummm yes
So how many route variations could rout 96 have?
  doyle Deputy Commissioner

And what route has the most variations?
  route14 Chief Commissioner

Luna Park (not assigned a route number), Grey St. (not assigned a route number), St Kilda Station (not assigned a route number), Middle Park (not assigned a route number), East Brunswick to Port Junction (Southbank Depot) route 94, St Kilda to Port Junction / Melbourne Convention Centre (now called Batman Park) route 91, East Brunswick to Spencer St. / William St. (designated as route 102 but when this alteration is in place typically during Grand Prix there is a replacement bus to take passengers to St Kilda, so trams have to show St Kilda Beach 96, in line with the replacement bus), St Kilda to William St. route 91 (regularly operated when the route was based at South Melbourne Depot.  Could still happen but less likely), Queen St. (not assigned a route number), St Kilda to Russell St. route 93 (formerly trams from Colonial Stadium / Telstra Dome / Etihad Stadium to Russell St. also used this route number), St Kilda to Albert St. (not assigned a route number but would be acceptable to show route 95 since it's only two stops from Gertrude St.), St Kilda to Gertrude St. route 95, St Kilda to North Fitzroy route 97, diversion via LaTrobe St. route 196 (previously programmed in the TDKP for statistic collection but never shown publicly), East Brunswick to Sth Melb. & St Kilda via route 12 (designated as route 104, but trams always keep 96 displayed as this alteration usually happens on short notice and there is often no time to advertise the proposed route 104).
  doyle Deputy Commissioner

Wow OK , I see the issues

The variations are immense

I can see why you don't like letter suffixes but I can understand why suffixes would be used

I could work something out much more simply if I had each routes total details I enjoy numbering systems

Not asking you for them but hey I've got plenty of covid 19 time

Anyway thank you for your information
  tram1041 Station Master

According to Wikimili: "Until 30 April 2017 Route 78 was operated from Glenhuntly Depot when it was transferred back to Kew tram depot to allow more B2 class trams to be operated from here."

    Unfortunately passengers could no longer get a lift to Elsternwick Station in a depot car.
Hey all,
          The 78 and the former 79 (to St.Kilda Beach) have been swapped between Kew and Glenhuntly  for about the last 40 years.It was done this time to improve timing and dead running so as to get the first car from North Richmond to start earlier rather than waiting for a car to come all the way from Glenhuntly,the B Class issue at the moment is that there is a power supply problem at East Malvern and until it is fixed cosecutive B Classes cannot be rostered so the  Z's will continue to run for now.The current directive is that 64 & 67 be all B Class unless some are unavailable so a Z will run instead until a changeover can be done.

  route14 Chief Commissioner

This will absolutely be a hard work for the starter.  To keep drivers vigilant, Malvern and Glenhuntly have a tradition of scheduling drivers on multiple routes in the same portion.  At Malvern, take route 6, 16 and 58 aside because a driver can only operate one round-trip in one portion of the shift, they combine route 5 (day-time) and 72 in the same portion.  At Glenhuntly, a driver might be rostered to go to Melbourne University as route 67, return as route 3, go up as route 3, return as route 64, and get taken at South Caulfield Junction.  The starter has to check very carefully that the B class on route 64 and 67 don't end up consecutively on route 3.
  tram1041 Station Master

Would have thought Bourke Street would need more services than Collins Street

The congested tram route along Collins Street will get desperately needed relief, with the addition of new shuttle routes.

E-Class trams will run from Collins Street in the city to St George's Road in Preston, via Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, once during the weekday peak periods.

A second tram shuttle from Victoria Harbour in the Docklands to St Vincent's Plaza in East Melbourne via Collins Street will run services all day, from 6am to midnight from Monday to Thursday and until 1am on Friday and Saturday Route 30, which runs from East Melbourne and the Docklands via La Trobe Street, will now be replaced with Route 12, to boost capacity on La Trobe Street.

Could have split the service between Bourke and Collins?
Hey all,
         The 75 should be the new Latrobe st full time route to replace the 30 it would turn right into Latrobe st from Docklands to terminate at St, Vincents Plaza as was the plan put forward a while ago.The Southbank A's from the 30 would go to Camberwell to cover the extra cars needed.It is a shame however given the tracks in Nicholson and Spring st that some sort of loop could not be sorted out where the cars instead of terminating could turn right/left at Vic/Nic and run out/in via Spring st to Flinders st/Wellington Pde instead of having to go though Docklands on every trip,or you could take it out of Flinders st completely and have it turn at Spring both ways up and down Latrobe to terminate at the same spot it does now.You could also install a Y junction at Flinders/Elizabeth send the 57 or 59 to maybe Flinders st West to terminate and the 19 maybe to the new Simpson st terminus which is being done later this year to cover the loss.The 30 & 78 would be good also but the delays in Chapel st would make it mostly unworkable.So many possibilities.

  route14 Chief Commissioner

Doyle, Here is a list of present and historical Melbourne tram routes that I just typed out of memory, for your reference.
Route 1: East Coburg -- South Melbourne Beach.  Depot: Brunswick
Intermediate crossovers: East Brunswick-Moreland Rd. (Requires turning into Moreland Rd. to use the crossover), Park & Lygon Streets (Two crossovers on either sides of Park St.  A short siding into Park St. also exists  which is part of the remains of the once existed Footscray tram network, primarily serving military factories in the area), Elgin & Lygon Streets, Melbourne University (Three sidings that can only be used from the up track), Queensberry St., LaTrobe St., Lonsdale St., Flinders St., City Rd. (Not sure if this one still exists, might have been removed when the track layout at Arts Centre was altered), Arts Centre, Kings Way & Sturt St., Park & Clarendon Streets (was also used to short shunt route 12 / 112 trams but no longer possible with the removal of the north-west curves).  (The ones along Swanston St. are the same with all other Swanston St. routes which I won’t repeat)
    Short workings that were assigned route numbers: Route 21: East Coburg to Arts Centre.  Discontinued in 1999.  No need to be reinstated.  Trams carring out of Brunswick Depot directly for South Melbourne Beach also shows route 1 which is acceptable as the only section of this version that’s not part of the regular route 1 is a short one along Moreland Rd.  Route 22: Moreland to Arts Centre.  Combined with route 8 early this century due to tram shortage after withdrawl of W class trams.  No need to be reinstated.  Route 25: Former AM peak service Moreland to Domain Rd.  Discontinued in 2005, no need to be reinstated.  Route 4: East Coburg to Kings Way & Sturt St.  Used by trams carring in to South Melbourne Depot.  No need to be reinstated because the depot no longer exists.  This route was later reused during the operation of train supplement services in 2007 for Caulfield Station -- St Kilda Junction.  No need to be reinstated.  Route 2: South Melbourne Beach to Melbourne University.  No need to be reinstated because there is no depot in the south part of the route and the demand doesn’t justify for it.

Route 3: Melbourne University -- East Malvern-Darling Rd.  Depot: Glenhuntly
    Intermediate Crossovers: (For crossovers along Swanston St. see route 1) Domain Rd. (Not sure about current status with Metro construction), St Kilda Junction, Balaclava Station, Balaclava Junction, Caulfield Station, Caulfield Racecourse (Same configuration as Showground, an amalgamation of a crossover and a loop, crossing the up line with a diamond crossing).
    Former special working route number: Route 66: Melbourne University to Glenhuntly Depot (Trams carring in to Glenhuntly Depot via Balaclava Rd. or Glenhuntly Rd. both showed route 66).

Route 3A: Melbourne University -- East Malvern-Darling Rd. via St Kilda Beach.
Depot: Glenhuntly
    Operates on weekdays after 19:00, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, replaced former route 79.  This route is not ideal as it extends journey time for through passengers.  The former route 79 had low efficiency in human resources.  A typical run on route 79 carred out of Glenhuntly Depot for St Kilda Beach-Luna Park, then only operated one round trip on route 79 before carring in again.  The best solution to increase service level for St Kilda Beach passengers is to let Malvern Depot operate more route 16 services on weekday evenings and all day weekends even if it means some trips would terminate at Hawthorn & Dandenong Roads.

Route 5: Melbourne University -- Malvern-Burke Rd.  Depot: Malvern
    Intermediate crossovers: (For crossovers along St Kilda Rd. see route 3) Windsor-Chapel St., Orrong & Dandenong Roads (Used after 19:00.  City passengers travel by route 64 tram to connect), Glenferrie Rd.

Route 6: Moreland -- Glen Iris.  Depot: Brunswick & Malvern
    Intermediate crossovers: East Brunswick-Moreland Rd. (For crossovers between East Brunswick and Arts Centre see route 1), High St. & St Kilda Rd., Malvern Town Hall, Tooronga Rd. & High St.
    Former special working route number: Route 7: Melbourne University to Malvern Depot via High St.  (If the exercise of special route numbers existed today trams carring in from Moreland to Malvern Depot would still show this route number)

Route 11: West Preston -- Victoria Harbour.  Depot: New Preston
    Intermediate crossovers: West Preston-Bell St., Thornbury, Northcote-Westbourne Gv., (Not sure if North Fitzroy-Fergie St. crossover still exists after the installation of the new one at Westbourne Gv.), Brunswick St. & Victoria Pde., City-Russell St. (With the relocation of platform trams shunting there from up track have to set down passengers at “Collins St. 101”, and from the down track, at Swanston St.  Stupid decision just to please the officers in DOI), City-Elizabeth St., City-Spencer St. (B or C1 class shunting there will only have the front door on the platform.  Not sure if it’s possible just to open the front door on an E class.  I would expected that platform stops are reasonably permanent and the locations taken into consideration in the building of the adjacent crossover by having the tip of point blades right at the end of the platform), Batman Hill.
    Former special working route numbers: Route 9: City to Preston Depot.  Historically this route not only operated as a depot run, but a regular one terminating at Northcote-Dundas St.  If the use of special route numbers existed today trams carring in from City to New Preston Depot would also use this route number.  Route 13: Former peak service West Preston -- City via LaTrobe St.

Route 12: Victoria Gardens -- South Melbourne & St Kilda Beach.  Depot: Southbank
    Intermediate crossovers: East Melbourne-Hoddle St., Brunswick St. siding (can only be accessed from the down track), (for Collins St. crossovers see route 11), Melbourne Convention Centre (Now Batman Park), South Melbourne Loop, Albert Park Beach (Requires continuing along Mills St. to beach.  Considering Mills St. is reasonably quiet and the point leading to the shunt is a manual single bladed point, it’s possible to use this shunting configuration in the reverse way of designated in an emergency, from down track to up, involving bang roading the block twice).
    Former special working route number: Route 10: South Melbourne & St Kilda Beach to Melbourne Convention Centre.  Route 32: City-Brunswick St. to South Melbourne Loop (Operated during one of the swimming contests.  Half a day or so into its operation, the point leading to the South Melbourne Loop became defective so they went to Albert Park Beach to shunt)

Route 16: Melbourne University -- Kew-Cotham Rd. via St Kilda Beach.  Depot: Malvern
    Intermediate crossovers: (For crossovers along Swanston St. and St Kilda Rd. see route 1 and 3) St Kilda-Grey St., St Kilda Beach-Luna Park, Balaclava Station, Hawthorn & Dandenong Roads, Wattletree & Glenferrie Roads (Can only be accessed from the up track, requiring turning into Wattletree Rd.  Used by a PM school day service before forming a route 5 service), Malvern Depot (Requires turning into Malvern Depot, Malvern Town Hall (Requires turning into High St., can only be accessed from the down track), Glenferrie & Malvern Roads (Requires turning into Malvern Rd., can only be accessed from the down track), Toorak (Requires turning into Toorak Rd., can only be accessed from the down track), Glenferrie Station.
    Former special working route numbers: For one St Kilda Festival, the Melbourne University to St Kilda-Grey St. service was assigned route 15.  Originally this route number was for Moreland -- St Kilda Beach.

Route 19: North Coburg -- City-Flinders St.  Depot: Brunswick
    Intermediate crossovers: Coburg-Bell St., Brunswick-Moreland Rd., Brunswick Depot (Refers to stop 27 in front of the starter’s office where driver relief take place.  Technically speaking the destination message “Brunswick Depot” refers to this location and is theoretically the least used depot destination message.  For a depot run the last set down stop is Moreland.  Trams are not supposed to take passengers into Cameron St. and onwards into the depot yard), Parkville-Brunswick Rd., Victoria Market (With the removal of the Queensberry St. stop down trams have to set down passengers at Haymarket before using this crossover), City-Lonsdale St. (On both sides of Lonsdale St., but with the removal of the Lonsdale St. stop trams have to set down passengers at LaTrobe St. before using those crossovers)
    Former special working route numbers: Route 20: City to Coburg-Bell St., Route 18: City to Brunswick-Moreland Rd. or Moreland (Historically a regular partial service, which together with route 19 and the then regular route 20, formed a 2 minute frequency south of Brunswick.  Later only used for depot runs).  Route 17: City to Parkville-Optus Oval (This is only a destination message.  Trams have to shunt at Brunswick Rd.)

Route 30: City-Brunswick St. -- Etihad Stadium via LaTrobe St.  Depot: Southbank
    Intermediate crossovers: Nicholson St. (This location isn’t even included in the destination list.  Trams shunting here from the down track have to display “City-Spring St., and from the up track, City-Brunswick St. (Now St Vincent Plaza), City-Swanston & LaTrobe St., Elizabeth St., Spencer St.
    Former special working route numbers: Before Southbank took over the operations of route 30, this was a peak route operated by Kew Depot.  Kew Depot also operated the last era of LaTrobe St. peak services from suburban termini.  Route 23: Mont Albert -- City via LaTrobe St., route 24: North Balwyn -- City via LaTrobe St. (As of 2000 there were 5 up route 24 services and 4 up route 23 services in the AM peak, and 4 down route 24 and 5 down route 23 services in the PM peak.  Sometime in 2000 or 2001 route 23 was withdrawn, and route 24 services were increased to 7 trips in the peak direction each weekday.  Route 24 was also the last peak service that had its own route number to be withdrawn by Yarra Trams, if you exclude the route 109A that was renamed from route 42)  Route 27: City via LaTrobe St. to Kew Depot.  Route 34: East Melbourne-Hoddle St. -- City via LaTrobe St. (Off-peak only)

Route 35: City Circle.  Depot: Southbank (At some stage trams were stored at North Fitzroy with drivers conveyed by company car between Southbank and North Fitzroy)
    Note: This is the only Melbourne tram route that’s not supposed to convey passengers on depot runs.

Route 48: North Balwyn -- Victoria Harbour.  Depot: Kew
    Intermediate crossovers: Kew-Harp Rd., (For quite a few times Yarra Trams’ website advised that trams were terminating at Kew Junction when there were disruptions further north.  The only shunting option that I can think of is to turn right into Cotham Rd. and use the crossover at Queen St. Kew, in which case the last set down stop is stop 33 Kew Post Office, but surely drivers can do some passengers a favour by taking them to stop 34 on route 109) Kew Depot-Barkers Rd.,  Hawthorn Bridge-River St. (Trams can also shunt from the down track by traveling straight  into Burwood Rd. to use the crossover there), East Melbourne-Simpson St. (For Collins St. crossovers see route 11)
    Former special working route numbers: Route 40: City to East Kew-Bulleen Rd. (No longer possible due to removal of crossover.  This location is referred to as East Kew on the tram network due to historical suburban borders), Route 41: City to Kew-Harp Rd., Route 28: North Balwyn to City-Market St. (For quite a long period in the past the first down service on route 109 originated at Spencer St.  It carred out via Bridge Rd. as route 28)  Route 29: City to Kew Depot-Barkers Rd. via Bridge Rd. (For quite a long period in the past the last service ex. Mont Albert was a route 42 service terminating at Spencer St.  It would then car in via Flinders St. as route 29)

Route 57: West Maribyrnong to City via North Melbourne.  Depot: Essendon
    Intermediate crossovers: Ordnance Factory, Maribyrnong River, Ascot Vale, Showground (Racecourse, incorporating a crossover and loop, crossing the down line with a diamond crossing), Racecourse and Flemington Roads, North Melbourne, Victoria Market. (For Elizabeth St. crossovers see route 19)
    Former special workings route numbers: Route 54: City to Maribyrnong River, Route 56: City -- Showground (Racecourse) via Haymarket, Route 58: City via North Melbourne to Showground (Racecourse) (This route number is now taken by the West Coburg -- Toorak service), Route 50: Former inter-peak service City via North Melbourne to North Melbourne, Route 85: Designated for carring in from West Maribyrnong to Moonee Ponds.  Since West Maribyrnong is the only stop that’s not on the regular route 82, it would be acceptable if this version showed route 82, but actually most drivers show Essendon Depot 00.  This is rather illogical because usually you only show the destination that you go on this end of the tram, unless it was a usually direct service that got diverted requiring a shunt.

Route 58: West Coburg -- Toorak-Glenferrie Rd.  Depot: Essendon & Malvern
    Intermediate crossovers: West Coburg-Moreland Rd., Dawson & Daly Streets, Zoo-Royal Park, Abbotsford Street (in Royal Park), Abbotsford Street (In Flemington Rd.), City-William & Dudley Streets (Requires accessing the Dudley St. siding), City-Market St., St Kilda Rd. & Park St. (In Park St.), Domain Rd. (currently the tracks in Domain Rd. is out of service due to Metro construction), Toorak & Orrong Roads
    Former special working route numbers: Route 33: Former weekday lunch-time shuttle Domain Rd. to Victoria Market (Some gunzels say that this service was not quite what the route number was designated for, but if that shuttle was to be given a route number, this would be it), Route 68: Former Sunday route West Coburg -- City via Elizabeth St.  Route 65: Former Sunday morning service City via Elizabeth St. to Zoo-Royal Park.  After route 55 services covered Sundays this legacy was retained until combination with route 8 to form route 58.  The service (No plural, only one trip) would depart Domain Rd. via William St. with the same route number.

Route 59: Airport West -- City via Haymarket.  Depot: Essendon
    Intermediate crossovers: Hawks St. & Matthews Ave. (This location isn’t even included in the destination messages.  The driver have to make an announcement if the tram was short shunted there), Niddrie, Essendon-Bulla Rd., Essendon Station, Moonee Ponds (Can only be accessed from the up track), Essendon Depot (Requires going into the depot), Racecourse & Flemington Roads, Abbotsford Street.  (For Elizabeth St. crossovers see route 19)
    Former special working route numbers: Route 49: City to Niddrie, Route 52: Originally City -- Essendon Aerodrome.  The track used to continue north along Bulla Rd. before being realigned and extended to Airport West.  Later used for shunting at the crossover south of Keilor Rd. on very odd occasions.  Route 51: City to Essendon Station.  Former Sunday evening service, also operated during the train supplement operations in 2007.  Route 81: City to Essendon Depot.

Route 64: Melbourne University -- East Brighton.  Depot: Glenhuntly
    Intermediate crossovers: (For crossovers between Melbourne University and Orrong Rd. see route 1,  3 and 5) South Caulfield Junction (Used to be on both sides of Glenhuntly Rd., not sure what happened after the intersection was upgraded with triangular connection with route 67), South Caulfield-North Rd.
    Special working route numbers: Route 62: Melbourne University to South Caulfield-North Rd., Route 61: Melbourne University to Glenhuntly Depot via Hawthorn Rd.

Route 67: Melbourne University -- Carnegie.  Depot: Glenhuntly
    Intermediate crossovers: (For crossovers between Melbourne University and St Kilda Junction see route 1 and 3) Elsternwick-Hotham St., Glenhuntly Depot, Glenhuntly Station.
    Special working route numbers: Route 66: Melbourne University to Glenhuntly Depot, Route 63: Melbourne University to Elsternwick-Hotham St. (Operated during train supplement operation in 2007)

Route 70: Wattle Park -- Waterfront City.  Depot: Camberwell
    Intermediate crossovers: Wattle Park-Warrigal Rd., Riversdale, Camberwell Junction, Camberwell Depot (Requires turning into the depot), Hawthorn-Power St., Richmond-Punt Rd., M.C.G. (Centre siding, trams on the up track can access it after turning off Swan St., but there is no connection to the down track at that end.  The centre siding has access to both the up and down lines at the M.C.G. end.  All points are manual so trams can shunt both from down track to up or vica versa, but usually from down to up), Melbourne Park, Swanston St. (after construction of the island platform on the west side of Swanston St. trams on the up track have to set down passengers at Russell St. before using this crossover), Elizabeth St., Spencer St. (Due to removal of safety zone trams on the up track have to set down passengers at King St. before using this crossover), Flinders St. West crossover No. 2, Flinders St. West crossover No. 1, Etihad Stadium.
    Former special working route numbers: Route 71 City to Wattle Park-Warrigal Rd., Route 76 City to Camberwell Depot via Swan St., Route 121 City to M.C.G. via Melbourne Park, or City to Melbourne Park, Route 129: M.C.G. to City.

Route 72: Melbourne University to Camberwell.  Depot: Malvern
    Intermediate crossovers: (For crossovers in Swanston St. and St Kilda Rd. see route 1 and 3) St Kilda & Commercial Roads, Glenferrie and Malvern Roads, Gardiner, Camberwell Junction, Camberwell-Laura Gv.
    Former special working route number: Route 73 Melbourne University to Malvern Depot via Malvern Rd.

Route 75: Vermont South -- Etihad Stadium.  Depot: Camberwell
    Intermediate crossovers: East Burwood-Blackburn Rd., East Burwood-Middleborough Rd., Burwood-Somers St., Hartwell-Smith Rd., then same as route 70 until power St., Hawthorn Bridge-Burwood Rd., then same as route 48 and 70.
    Former special working route numbers: Route 74: City to Burwood-Somers St., Route 77: City to Camberwell Depot via Bridge Rd.  Route 125: City to MCG via Wellington Pde.  (It was odd that they had two unidirectional route numbers for the same sporting special.  What’s more, both route 121 and route 125 returned to City as route 129)

Route 78: North Richmond -- Balaclava (Formerly known as Prahran).  Depot: Kew
    Intermediate crossovers: Swan & Church Streets, Toorak Rd., Windsor-Dandenong Rd.
    Former route variations: Route 79 North Richmond -- St Kilda Beach-Luna Park

Route 82: Footscray -- Moonee Ponds.  Depot: Essendon
    Apart from those shared with route 57, there is another crossover somewhere near Rosamond Rd.  It’s not included in the destination messages and won’t see any use under normal circumstances.
    Proposed route derived from this route: Route 84 West Maribyrnong -- Footscray.  This would be the only route that’s ever proposed that requires a shunt, except diversions.

Route 86: Bundoora-RMIT -- Waterfront City.  Depot: New Preston
    Intermediate crossovers: Bundoora-McLeans Rd., LaTrobe University, Reservoir-Boldrewood Pde., Preston Depot, Northcote-Dundas St., Clifton Hill, Gertrude & Nicholson Streets, Albert St., City-Russell St., City-Queen St., City-William St., City-Spencer St. (According to a few photographs on Vicsig it seems that the safety zone has been relocated or removed.  Trams on the up track have to set down passengers at King St. before using this crossover), City-Lonsdale St., Etihad Stadium.
    Former special workings route numbers: Route 87: City to LaTrobe University, Route 88: City to Reservoir-Boldrewood Pde., Route 89: City / Waterfront City to Preston Depot (Will have to set down passengers at Bell St. due to removal of stop 46 in front of old Preston Depot), Route 90: City to Northcote-Dundas St. (If special working route numbers existed today, trams carring in from Waterfront City would show this route number to terminate at Dundas St.), Route 92: City to Clifton Hill (Operated during train supplement operation in 2007), Route 95: City / Colonial Stadium (Telstra Dome, Etihad Stadium) to City-Gertrude St. (It was both a regular weekday lunch-time shuttle and a special event route), Route 93: Colonial Stadium (Telstra Dome, Etihad Stadium) to City-Russell St. (The original use of this route was for peak service LaTrobe University -- City via LaTrobe St., via Smith St.)  Route 14: Former peak service LaTrobe University -- City via LaTrobe St., via Brunswick St.

Route 96: East Brunswick-Blyth St. (to verify from East Brunswick-Moreland Rd.) -- St Kilda Beach.  Depot: Southbank
    Intermediate crossovers: North Fitzroy (Not sure about this one since the connecting curves leading to North Fitzroy Depot has been disconnected), Gertrude St., then same as route 86 until Spencer St., then same as route 12 until Whiteman St., then Port Junction (Not sure about its exact location after the restaurant loop was put in, but there has to be one), Middle Park, St Kilda Station, then same as route 16, then Acland St.
    Former special route numbers: Route 97 St Kilda Beach to North Fitzroy, Route 95 St Kilda to City-Gertrude St. (Before the end of practice of using special route numbers, when this happened it was usually during the St Kilda Festival, so trams originated at St Kilda Station.  This was a regular weekday route St Kilda Beach to City-Gertrude St. until the end of last century, regarding the technical end of the 20th century the year 2000), Route 93: St Kilda to City-Russell St., Route 94 East Brunswick to Southbank Depot, Route 91 St Kilda Beach to Port Junction / Melbourne Convention Centre.

Route 109: Box Hill -- Port Melbourne.  Depot: Kew
    Intermediate crossovers: Mont Albert, Deepdene-Burke Rd., Glenferrie Rd. (Can only be accessed from the down track, requiring turning into Glenferrie Rd.), Queen St. Kew (No destination message for this one), Kew Depot-Barkers Rd., Kew Depot Gate, Victoria Gardens (including both a siding and a single crossover), then same as route 12 until Whiteman St., then Port Junction, Southbank Depot East Entrance (Requires going into Southbank Depot), Montague.
    Former special working route numbers: Route 42: Box Hill to Victoria Harbour (Immediately after the extension to Box Hill this version operated as route 107 Box Hill to Collins St. West but shortly reverted to route 42), Route 108 Box Hill to Southbank Depot (Ceased operation when all Southbank runs were given back to Kew), Route 44 City / Port Melbourne to Balwyn (No longer possible due to removal of crossover), Route 45 City / Port Melbourne to Deepdene-Burke Rd., Route 46: According to some historical documents it was for City to Kew Junction, but the closest shunting provisions are Queen St. Kew and Glenferrie Rd., Route 47: City / Port Melbourne to Kew Depot, Route 43: City / Port Melbourne to East Melbourne-Hoddle St. (At some stage extended to Victoria Bridge, now known as Victoria Gardens), Route 31: Victoria Harbour -- City-Brunswick St.

Note: If a shortened version originated at a terminus of a regular route, followed the regular route then terminated at an intermediate location on the same regular route, it was a unidirectional route.  For example, route 56 (Show / Race special) was a bi-directional route because it bypasses the North Melbourne section, but route 17 was a unidirectional route.  After shunting at Parkville trams would return to City as route 19.  Even a considerable portion of drivers didn’t understand this logic.  When Collins St. ended at Spencer St. you often had drivers coming up with “Mont Albert 42”.  Passengers don’t have to know whether the tram came all the way from the usual origin or somewhere half-way.
  doyle Deputy Commissioner

Copied and pasted
Thank you
  Obzerva Station Master

Location: #6 / Glen Waverley line
As a side note, given the 78 is serviced by Kew depot, is there room to have the 78 terminus moved from its current location so it also terminates at Victoria Gardens the same as the 12?
  route14 Chief Commissioner

It's possible.  There is a siding and a mainline crossover.  However if a tram was laying up at the mainline crossover on the down track and another tram wants to depart from the siding, the former is going to block the latter's view towards the up line.
  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

Route 12 returns to Collins Street:

See further discussion in The road to 100 thread in this forum.
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
Just going to mention that the 109 crossover at Deepdene is just Deepdene these days (at the bottom of the hill outside the Australia Post sorting facility). There used to be a crossover at Burke Rd but it was removed several years ago because the tracks were in extremely poor condition; almost every single weld had dropped 1-2cm all the way up the hill from Deepdene so the whole lot was replaced (running an up 109 through there was great fun in a Citadis... not - the Kooyong tram square was probably softer to ride over).
  route14 Chief Commissioner

Makes sense unless the blockage is AT Burke Rd. as happened sometime early this century due to car accident.  Trams west of Burke Rd. got shunted at the crossover while those that already passed Burke Rd. got banked up on the east side for about one hour.  If the same happened today trams will have to be shunted at Glenferrie Rd., but if there is a Combino in the shunt waiting to depart a route 16 service, it's stuffed up.

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